My Sleep Routine

I feel like I have been talking about sharing this post for like, ever! I spoke a little bit about my issues with sleep in this post here. But to review, it’t not that I was having trouble falling asleep, it’s that I couldn’t stay sleeping. I was like a gawd damn newborn waking up 4,5, even 6 times through the night! Most often it was because I had to go pee but sometimes I would just randomly wake for no damn reason… super frustrating!

Fast forward, 4 months and I seem to be sleeping a lot better! Don’t get me wrong, there are still nights I wake up more often than I would like but I am definitely having some solid sleeps. When sharing the fact that I was a terrible sleeper with you all on IG stories, I was shocked by the amount of people who were in the same boat as me. Because sleep is super duper important, I thought I would share my sleep routine with you all with the hopes that it helps you!

That’s right, like a child, I too have a nighttime routine. I swear it makes SUCH a difference. I have done a lot of reading on the topic of sleeping and developing a bedtime routine was one of the most common tips.

My Sleep Routine

An early morning workout. Yes, I know it seems weird to start your bedtime routine as soon as you wake up but studies show that exercise and sleep are linked. For a period there I was working out late (8:15-9:15PM) and I noticed I was having a really hard time winding down after. I was getting to bed much later than I would like simply because I would have a sudden burst of energy a few minutes after getting home from the gym. As of the last few weeks, I have been heading to Orange Theory for the 6am class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I am noticing a big difference. I have more energy and focus during the day and I am tired at night when I want to go to bed.

Okay, now we are on to the actual bedtime routine.
-start my diffuser. I alternate between the Saje Sleep Well blend and a combination of Lavender and Cedarwood. I like to get this going so that my room is spelling like a spa by the time I am done my bath.
-plug my phone in to charge in the bathroom.  This has been the biggest game changer for me.  I was notorious for waking up, going to the bathroom, and checking my phone.  This is SUCH a bad habit and it took me moving my phone from my bedside to break the habit.  If you do only ONE thing to get a better sleep I would suggest this. It has truly made the biggest difference.
-take melatonin. I like these ones- they are gummies and it feels like I am having a little treat before bed
-brush my teeth and floss if I’m feeling super extra
– hot bath with bubbles, obviously. My favourite is anything lavender!
-nighttime skin care routine: cleanser, toner, serum, night cream, eye cream
-best part… get into a made bed!!  Yes, I make my bed every morning and it makes such a difference! I never used to do this but I changed my ways about a 6 months ago and I’ve never looked back!  I make my bed with my regular duvet and keep my weighted blanket at the end of my bed simply because it doesn’t match my decor.  I do use it every night though and I really love it.  You can read all about why I love it, here!
-write in my Five-Minute Journal (you can read more about why I love it here)
-spray my face and pillow with Sleep Well– if you can’t already tell I am obsessed with Saje Sleep Well, this is not a sponsored Saje post but trust me, I wish it it was!! I LOVE their stuff!
-read.  The stack of books on my night stand is getting out of hand at the moment, haha! What can I say, I like options?   I usually read for no more than 15 minutes before I am out.

A few other tips that I find works:

  • stop drinking water about an hour before going to bed.  I have a pea size bladder and if I drink water too late I wake up to pee.
  • try to limit screen time at least an hour before bed.  I am not good at this one.  I am trying to get better but as of now I suck at it
  • exercise in the morning if you can. I know I said this earlier in the post but I really think it has helped me so I encourage you to try it!
  • keep a plain journal by your nightstand and if you’re feeling super overwhelmed make a list or write down whatever is bothering you. I find just getting it out of my head helps me to let it go, at least for the night
  • plug your phone in a different room. I know I mentioned this one before but it is worth mentioning twice because this small choice has had the biggest effect on my sleep!

And that’s all my loves!  I hope this post helps.  I know this might not be a reality for all of you, especially those who are lucky enough to be mama’s – I know you are all so busy and finding time for yourself is like finding a needle in a haystack, but I will be happy if even adding one of these practices to your bedtime routine helps you get a better sleep because you deserve it!