Mediterranean Scramble

Ok, so you know what I have for breakfast during the week so why not share my favourite weekend breakkie!? And yes, I definitely switch it up for the weekends.  I love smoothies but let’s be honest it’s always good to switch it up, especially when you have time to sit down and enjoy a nice breakfast and a big ol’ cup of joe.. best!

Mediterranean Scramble
*I’m sorry I really don’t measure the ingredients… it’s an egg scramble just throw it all in and I promise it will taste great!

-egg whites (or 2 eggs- whatever you prefer)
-olive oil
-baby tomatoes
-chopped white or red onion
– garlic
-salt & pepper
-red chilli flakes


Heat olive oil in skillet.  Add chopped garlic until it’s fragrant but not too golden.  Add onions and tomatoes.  Heat until the onions are translucent and the baby tomatoes are charred and have popped. Add in the spinach and fry until it’s wilted.  Add in the eggs, salt and pepper, red chilli flakes, dill, and the crumbled feta.  Stir and scramble it all up and cook through!

Voila- SO easy and equally delicious!