Keepin’ Fresh

Yes, most days you will find me in heels and some kind of “dressy” outfit.  But, as soon as I (like most humans) get home from work, I like to kick off my work clothes and slide into something a little more relaxed.  These 22Fresh tanks are perfect for doing just that.  Throw them on with denim and a pair of sneakers and you have an easy breezy look for whatever activities you have in store for the evening.   If you’re feeling ambitious, these tanks are great for working out- my activities usually consist of Bachelor nights, taking Sunny for walks and bike rides, and going for ice cream… but good job for working out, I’ve got to get better at that!

Also, if you wanna score some brownie points with your man head over to their website to see the men’s apparel… their models aren’t bad on the eyes either 😉

IMG_5300_cb        IMG_5282_cb IMG_5250_cb IMG_5222_cb IMG_5214_cb IMG_5199_cb IMG_5155_cb IMG_5150_cb

You feeling this look?!




  • 4 years ago

    Hey girl! I love your style.- Always have! And I love that you are blogging!
    Okay couple question! Can you do a blog about your favourite place to get jeans. And what kinds you love. You always have the greatest jeans!
    Also I just started blogging about my art with my art business! And was wanting to start a little blog network with links to others blogs.
    You link my blog and I’ll link yours! Mines still in the works, just off my website right now but I want to get a better one going soon. (So I’ll keep you posted if you’re interested in linking) . What system do you use?
    Anyway. -Absolutely loving reading your blog! Great Tips, awesome clothes!
    Love it!!

    • 4 years ago

      Awe! Thanks so much Dana, you’re so sweet! I will definitely look into doing a post dedicated to finding good denim- great idea!
      Awesome to hear you’re starting to blog as well… send me an email with more details about what you’re thinking!
      Thanks again, I hope you’re well!

  • 4 years ago

    Love all the outfits and hoodies! I think the lightweight longsleeved white tee w/ black writing on it is my fav though!

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