Smart Shopping

If you have been following along, you know I attended Sask Fashion Week a couple weeks ago.  Every year when I purchase my ticket, the age old question pops into my head “what am I going to wear?!” Well, another year older means another year wiser… this year, before I set out shopping I gave myself one major requirement: the outfit had to be something that I could wear again.  I wanted something of substance to add to my wardrobe.  Now I know a new dress is adding something, but I wanted a piece or pieces I could build off of.  I wasn’t sure where I was going to find it or what I was even looking for, but this skirt and tank,seen in this post, were exactly what I was looking for.  Since SKFW, I have paired these pieces with existing items in my closet and came up with some fun new looks!

This is the original outfit that I purchased for Sask Fashion Week.



For a more casual look I paired this tank with some ripped denim and roshe’s.


Same look but just changed it up by wearing black denim.



Paring this feminine skirt with a basic t gives it a more casual/edgy look.


A new outfit doesn’t necessarily mean spending money!  The next time you set out to find a look for a specific event, I challenge you to spend your hard earned money on pieces that you can mix and match.  I have created four looks with these two pieces. I will wear both these items countless times – money well spent if you ask me.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, pull up your favorite fashion blog or magazine for some inspo, and have some fun in your closet.  Mix and match things you wouldn’t typically try.  I promise you will surprise yourself!

Tell me about your smart shopping!