Hello From Portland

I’m sure you’re well aware (because of social media) but if you’re not we are in Portland, and we LOVE it!! I had a feeling it would be sweet but oh my it is so much more than that, it is AWESOME!

After what seemed like an eternity of travel (it’s actually not that far we just ended up with a super long layover in Calgary), we finally made it!! Obviously the first thing on our mind was food, and in true Brandon fashion he immediately took to his Trip Advisor app to scope out the best Asian food.  We ended up going for some Thai grub at a little spot called Pok Pok.  It was pretty awesome. We’re adventurous with food and let our server just bring out a surprise meal- the best of the best.  I totally recommend doing this if you are brave when it comes to food! It forces you to try something you might not choose and they almost always serve you what they are famous for. #yum

Because we had a super long day of travel I wanted to be comfortable for our night out for dinner.  I was also confident  I was going to crush way more food than one probably should so I decided on this Rails linen button up which is boyfriend style.  This choice left me with plenty of room for a little extra fluf at the end of a good meal.

OH and how could I forget!? During our way too long layover in Calgary we decided to head to Cross Iron Mills shopping center.  I truly wasn’t really in the market to purchase anything as I only had my carry which was already friggin’ heavy BUT I wondering into Little Burgendy and these boots just spoke to me.  Seriously, I couldn’t leave them.  Every part of them is perfect and we are already in a committed long term relationship.  #loveatfirststep K, I have searched the internet and I cannot find the exact pair anywhere… I have linked the most similar I could find! Don’t worry I will keep looking! But for now, check these out!

IMG_8806 IMG_8824 IMG_8778 IMG_8758 IMG_8735 IMG_8725 IMG_8713 IMG_8822 IMG_8790 IMG_8785 IMG_8673
Thank you SO much for all the recommendations on my latest Instagram post! I appreciate it so much!
Keep them coming!

Rails c/o Cade || Shorts c/o The Dress Form ||Boots similar || Jacket similar



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