Why You Need to RUN & Get Cravings By Chrissy Teigen

If you follow me on Snapchat (if you don’t you probably should 😉 @holly_horvath) you know deep down beneath the  makeup and fashion I am truly a Suzy Homemaker.  I LOVE cooking, and I’m finally starting to get the hang of this whole baking world- it truly is SO much harder than cooking!

For the most part my theory is why buy it if you can make it.  Pickling spice for example.  The other day I spent 3 hours going to different stores trying to find the ingredients I needed to make my very own blend of pickling spice.  Could I have just bought it? Yes.  But there is something about making things from scratch that just gives me some kind of thrill.  Pies, pickling spice, lasagne, pizza, perogies, are all things that should never be bought from a store.  Okay, ask me this question again when I’m a mom of three juggling a full time job, this blog, and a home… I’m sure this answer will change but for now, while I can, I’m going to spend three hours searching for picking spice ingredients.

Wow, that was quite the intro. As you can tell from the title I am here to tell you why you need to buy Cravings.  Before we get started, know that this is not a sponsored post. I just truly am in LOVE with this cookbook.  Let me tell you why!

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3 reasons you need Cravings by Chrissy Teigen

1.) I have owned this cookbook for 4 months now and I have made 10 of the recipes and NOT one has been anything short of amazing.  The sausage and peppers is my favourite and is a weekly go to in our house. Quick, easy and absolutely delicious.  The fish tacos are by far the best I’ve had and the mac and cheese well I can’t even…. I could seriously go on for hours dissecting each recipe and how amazeballs they all are but I’m going to save us some time and just say I haven’t had a single fail with this book. Get it gurl, get it. 

2.) Notice how I said RUN to get it.  I meant it.  Like get your sneakers on a run your butt to Costco (it’s cheapest there) to buy it.  The mac and cheese has a whooping TEN cups of cheese, haha! It’s all about balance people.  Are you going to have mac and cheese everyday? No, so when you do, why not make it with ten cups of cheese, duh! If you haven’t caught on already this recipe book is not vegan, gluten free, dairy free, or healthy in any way really… but let’s be serious if you have any of those dietary restrictions you most likely aren’t following my blog for food advice.  #ieatcakeforbreakfast

3.) The commentary/notes and photos for each recipe are LOL worthy.  The first thing I did after purchasing this book is read it… weird right? Who really reads a cookbook?!  Well this one you will.  If you follow Chrissy on Snapchat you know she is absolutely hilarious and she does an amazing job carrying her voice into her writing.  There are plenty of exclamation marks, caps locks for days, and Instagram photos of her and her hunkie hubbie, Jon Legend (who happens to be Brandon’s twin ;)) 

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There you have it guys!  The low down on Cravings… let me know if you get it and how much you love it! Snapchat me your cravings creations, I would LOVE to see what you make!

Ps. I’m currently en route to Portland! Follow me on Snapchat to see what I get up to!


Do you have Cravings?! What’s your favourite recipe from the book?