I salute teachers who teach in California, Florida, Mexico, or  well, basically anywhere that is hot all year round.  I pray to…whoever you believe in, that your school has A.C because mine does not and it is seriously the absolute worst trying to dress appropriate while staying cool. Yes, I am Canadian and our winters are frigid, but our Spring, Summer, and Fall can get quite hot!

Straps, spaghetti to be exact, seem to be everywhere in my closet… Especially when it comes to my dresses.  The length is typically fine but the straps are what get me in hot water when it comes to the dress code.  Well after 6 years of teaching I have finally come up with a few solutions that turn your everyday clothes into teacher appropriate clothes! And yes, these super secret, high tech, never been done before tips can be used by people other than teachers… are you ready?!

Vests: How on earth did I not think of this before?  Simply throw a vest on and the highly illegal spaghetti straps are no longer… brilliant?! I think so! I grabbed this Aritzia denim vest at the best thrift shop ever in Portland (you can read more about it here!).  Trench vests, leather vests, any type are perfect for adding a layer and covering up those straps!

Another tip, scarves. If you’re second guessing if a top is too low, it probably is.  Throw a scarf on just to be safe!

Sooooo as any good teacher would do.  Here is an example:

Summer, not appropriate for work outfit:


Add a vest, belt, some heels and voila… a teaching appropriate outfit!

Ps. This was my first day of school outfit, cute right?!img_0161  img_0262 img_0273 img_0261 img_0193 img_0279Dress || Vest || Shoes

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Do you have any tips and tricks to making everyday clothes work appropriate!?






  • Jasmine Ramos
    3 years ago

    New to your blog and I am so thrill to have come across your blog. I’m also a teacher (to be exact in California) and when I go shopping I seem to go for spaghetti strap tops and can’t use them to work. Thanks for this TTT! Can’t wait to read more about topics that have to do with being a fashionable teacher. I’m also following you on snapchat and can’t wait to check out the two books you recommended. TYSM! 🙂

    • 3 years ago

      HI Jasmine!! It’s so nice to meet you 🙂 I love hearing where my readers are from! So cool that you teach in California.. I hope you have A.C in your school… if not, I am going to assume this tip will help you! Thanks for following along on Snapchat, don’t be afraid to say hello or share some teaching advice 🙂

  • 3 years ago

    What a great idea!!! Thanks! ❤️

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