TTT: DIY Teacher Day Book

Last week as I was preparing to go back to school I hit up the teacher store to grab only the necessities-birthday cards and birthday badge stickers.  While being in there it had me thinking about all the money I (well, more like my parents) spent as a new teacher on things I just didn’t need. Honestly- I know you have the urge to buy everything and anything you can get your hands on and that your bank account will let you, but just don’t.  First, you can’t afford it. Okay, I don’t know that.  Maybe you have a trust fund you’re living off of, but if you’re anything like me or 99% of teachers, you won’t. Second, you just don’t know exactly what you need… buy and make things as you go!  It will save you so much money and storage in the long run.  Learn from my mistakes!! I seriously went crazzyyyy the second I walked across the stage and got that fancy little scroll.  NOT NECESSARY!!!

The first thing I was SO jacked up  to buy was one of those fancy teacher planner books.  OH and you better believe I bought the cutest one.  It had a bright shiny red apple on it, was coiled, and even had a section for parent communication.  It was the cats meowor so I thought.  Well no, it actually sucked.  It lasted a week before I quickly realized it was completely unfunctional and threw it in the recycling.  That my friends, was the first of MANY first year fails.

As promised here is the PDF for the day plan pages I have been using since that day.  I CANNOT take credit for this. My beautiful friend, Kim, made it and was so kind to share.  Teacher hack: SHARE EVERYTHING.

Now, you can still get the fun stationary shopping experience.  This time you’re hunting for a beautiful binder and dividers to store/organize these pages.  In my teacher binder you will now find my day plan pages, student information, class lists, and staff meeting notes.  It really is the cats meow if I must say so myself!

Click here for the pages!  Edit them as you see fit! Make sure to share a pic when if you decide to use them 🙂

I am off to bed… wow, this whole working for a living thing is tough 😉