So long Summer!

Well my friends, today is officially the last day of summer vacation for this gal! I’m feeling excited, a little sad, but mostly I cannot get over how time flies- seriously!!  A quick blink and the summer has come and gone.  Although it flew by in record time, there was no shortage of adventure! From the little things like finishing our backyard and planting a garden, to camping, and going on a roadtrip across B.C! We really did jam pack this summer trying to fill every day with some kind of adventure!

Speaking of adventure, you may have noticed this plaid sweater has been a summer staple for me.  It may seem a little strange considering it’s so hot out but don’t be fooled, Sasky nights get chilly!! This plaid has saved me on many occasions: late night bike rides, campfires, and adventures in the mountains!

This 22Fresh plaid  is unfortunately sold out until the holiday season! Keep an eye on my stories and I will let you know when it’s back in stock!