Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wishlist!

Well, today is the day…the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to the public!!! Although this sale comes at a terrible time for me in regards to budgeting, (teacher life!) it truly is the perfect time to invest in those bigger ticket items such as boots, jackets, and handbags! If you’re new to the #Nsale let me give you the low down.  Nordstrom releases all of their brand-new Fall merchandise and it’s on sale…I mean seriously on sale from today, July 22nd to August 8th and then they return to full price!


Now, if you’ve been to the Nordstrom website it can be super overwhelming so I have created a little favourites list for you.  Also, if it’s your first time I highly suggest you read my previous post where I talk about tips on how to keep your cool, stay level headed, and make the best of the sale, you can read it here!

If I had Cher’s daddy this is what would be in my cart… 😉




Boots / Shoes




These are just a few of my picks… there are literally hundreds of things on sale! I highly suggest you head over to their website to take it allllll in!

Enjoy & be smart!