Postpartum Must Haves


12 days postpartum and the things I have learned let me tell you! I will get more into that at a later date but for now I thought I would share my postpartum must haves.  So you’re up to date, here’s some info you may need as my postpartum journey isn’t typical, it is not rare that’s for sure but it is different that your average.  I had a c section (loved my experience btw- again, I’ll get more into that later) and our sweet boy, Dane was born with Gastroschisis.  This means he is on quite the journey in the NICU.  He is being fed by tube which means I am exclusively pumping… yes, it is as cumbersome as you may think, but these items have definitely made the journey easier for me. So this list is catered more towards c section pumping mama’s but isn’t exclusive to that.

** Update, I wrote this when I as exclusively pumping… I am now doing a combination of pumping, bottle, and breasts feeding! 

Postpartum Must Haves:

1.) A good pump, obviously. Like I said right now I am exclusively pumping. I am not going to sugar coat it- it is hard. But having a good pump and the accessories to help do make all the difference.  I am exclusively using the Medela In Style MaxFlow Electric Breast Pump and I can say with confidence that I love it. I went with the In Style for a few reasons first is Medela has a great reputation. They use the Medela brand in the NICU so you know it’s good. Second, I love that the In Style is small and compact. It is easy for me to pack up (it actually comes with a small bag that fits everything in it) and take on the go. Third, I really like that it has the option to be battery operated or you can plug it in.  Battery operated is great but I am not the greatest at remembering to charge things, so having a plug in is important especially these days… #babybrain. Last, it works really well and it’s easy to clean because the parts all come apart! Overall, I would rate the Medela In Style MaxFlo a 10/10, highly recommend this pump!

2.) The Medela Easy Expression bustier so you can pump hands free! This is an absolute MUST. Pumping takes a lot of time, way more than I ever imagine.  Sitting with your hands on your boobs for 20-25 minutes every three hour is not fun… and for a multitasker like me, it is impossible. The Medela Easy Expression Bustier has been a lifesaver for me. It allows me to have a bit of a snooze while I pump in the middle of the night, and multi task during the day! I made the mistake of not packing it in my hospital bag and I had my mom deliver it the next day.  The tight fit helps the breast shields suction which I find helps me get more milk! If you don’t have one of these they are an absolute MUST!!

3.) Knix Heavy Flow Period Kit– I am going to be super honest with you, before trying these I really had no idea what all the fuss was about when it came to Knix underwear. I had tried a few pairs before these leakproof underwear and I wasn’t overly impressed. You all know my obsession with the American Eagle undies and I wasn’t about to switch it up… that is until now. My eyes have been opened and my goodness I now get it.  I purchased the Heavy Flow Period Kit after my friend Kyla recommended them and they are life changing. Will I still wear my fave AE undies in my regular life? YES! But for postpartum and period life I will only wear these! And to answer the question you are all wanting to ask? No, you do not have to wear a pad with these! And no, I have not had a single leak! LIFE CHANGING! I started wearing these around day 4 postpartum, I’m not sure if they would work the first few days after but every situation is different!

4.) Frida Mom Disposable Underwear – I wore these for a solid 4 days after giving birth and they are SO comfortable! They are so stretchy and they go up super high over my c section incision.  I would suggest starting with these and then moving to the Knix Heavy Flow Period panties after a few days!

5.) Mother Tucker Compression Leggings– these are next level. I love lulu’s and I love the Amazon dupes I always talk about but when it comes to a c section and supporting your tummy these are everything! They have a compression panel around the stomach and this literally holds everything in. You know when you cough, sneeze, or laugh you have to literally hold your stomach? Well, these leggings do it for you! 12/1o recommend!

6.) Frida Mom Peri Bottle– The peri bottles they give you in the hospital work but they just are not the same, trust me. This bottle is around $20 and well worth it!

I think that’s all for now! As I discover new things I am loving I will share them so make sure you are following me on Instagram – I share quite frequently on there. Am I missing anything? Let me know what your postpartum must haves are in the comments below!

Special thanks to Medela for gifting me the Medela In Style MaxFlow Electric Breast Pump ! And thank YOU for supporting all of the brands I love to work with on Teach Me Style, I couldn’t do it without you!