Dane’s Nursery Reveal!

My apologies- this took WAY longer to share than I anticipated.  When I went into labour his room wasn’t quite ready, we had most of it done but the finishing details which pulled it all together weren’t done.

Lee and I didn’t find out the sex of our baby (would highly suggest this btw) so the nursery had to be gender neutral which was honestly so fun! I am loving all things boho and the orange, peach, cream colour palette that I love was very fitting.   I wanted his room to be warm and cozy but not too baby-ish.  This is not our forever home, eventually it will turn into a rental so this bedroom will likely not be a nursery forever.  I wanted whoever rents this place to be able to use the nursery as a bedroom or office so teddy bears on the wall weren’t going to cut it. I will admit, when I was pregnant, I was obsessed with making  sure the nursery  was perfect!! I know this is totally not important in the grand scheme of things. Dane really doesn’t know any different, I get that. But for me, with all that was going on with his diagnosis it felt like the nursery was something in my pregnancy that I actually could control.

Just like with the rest of the house, I had a lot of help from local business. The closet was done by none other than Diana from Stor-X.  The room in general is very small and so is the closet which means organization is key! Diana did a fantastic job of maximizing the space in his closet, making it look beautiful, but also making sure it is super functional- the built in laundry hamper… total game changer. Stor X has done all of our closets in this house and I could not recommend them anymore! You can check out a full blog post about Stor X here.

If you look close you will notice there is some absolutely stunning wallpaper behind the closet- this is courtesy of Juliesa at The Design Collective who also did the wallpaper in my own closet.  Again, I wanted this room to have a cozy feel but not too baby-ish. This paper accomplished the look perfectly.  It completes the closet – I never would have thought to wallpaper behind a closet insert but it truly makes such a big difference!


The rocking chair in any nursery is a staple item. I looked and looked and looked some more but I couldn’t justify spending thousands of dollars on one especially since this room is so small.  Eventually if we have another baby, we will most likely be in a bigger home by then and I will likely get a glider but for this room it just wouldn’t fit. I ended up finding this one on Facebook marketplace for under $200 and Juliesa from The Design Collective reupholstered it for me. I am sooo happy I had her do this.  She covered it in indoor/outdoor fabric (her recommendation) and it was so smart! It’s only been 1.5 months and the chair has been puked on more times than I can count.  It wipes off perfectly! If you have anything in your home that you would like refinished I would definitely recommend The Design Collective!

The beautiful farm animal prints were painted by local artist and friend Alora Biram.  I knew I wanted to have some sort of art in the nursery I didn’t want random prints off the internet. These farm animals are perfect- thank you so much Alora for painting these and letting me have the originals! Dane is one lucky little dude! If you’re wanting custom prints or you want to take a look at her current inventory of art check out her IG page here!

Last, but definitely not least the area rug! This custom rug is made from wool which Shannon from Floor Coverings International suggested as it is super durable.  While she was making sure the rug was functional for Dane’s room I was focussed on making sure it was cute and the vibe I wanted.  Because this rug was custom made, we were able to add some tassels which I think make the rug! ALL the rugs in our home are from Shannon at Floor Coverings International and let me tell you, I have some nice rugs- nearly anytime I have someone over I get a compliment on at least one of them! If you wish to see a few of the others that we have you can check out this blog post!

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “girl, you need blinds” and well, you’re not wrong. Erica Honoway has suited us up with some insanely beautiful blinds to finish the space off but unfortunately Covid has been causing some issues and they are on back order! Once they are in I will be sure to share- make sure you’re following me on IG so you don’t miss them!


Dresser Dresser handles Book Ends  Crib Book Shelves  Change Pad

Special thank you to Stor X, Floor Coverings International, The Design Collective,  and Alora Biram Art, for helping me create this beautiful space for our sweet baby boy and to Caitlin Swyryda Photography for capturing it!