Vintage Dog Food

This post is pretty special…Sunny, my fur baby has landed his first brand gig! It’s a pretty big deal, and I’m not going to lie I’m pretty proud and I think he is too…I mean look at that stance, lol!!   It’s not that he hasn’t had a few offers in the past, it’s just non were quite the right fit.

When Vintage Pet Food reached out, I was a little hesitant.   Sunny hadn’t tried it and I wasn’t about to write about something we knew nothing about and hadn’t tried.  The locally owned company was super understanding and was happy to send over a few bags for Sunny to try.  Well, he has been stuffing his adorable little belly with Vintage since May and we are both pretty happy about it.  He loves the flavours and I’m happy about the ingredients and the way it is prepared, it’s a win win!

The 100% Canadian owned and operated company takes pride in the ingredients they use: a high percentage of fresh meat mixed with whole unprocessed ingredients.  The quality of meat is inspected ensuring it comes from human food establishments and is edible prior to production.  All of their Oven-Fresh recipes use 100% Fresh Meat/Fish as the first 2 ingredients. They use more fresh meat the conventional extruded kibble because of their Oven-Fresh method. Curious about the Oven- Fresh method? I was too! You can read more about that here (be sure to watch the video on their website)!  Of course, they have have a list of ingredients they promise to never include: no rendered meats and no plant proteins/starch concentrates.

With three dog flavours (and cat flavours, too!), you are guaranteed to find one that will have your pooch wagging his tail and begging for more!  Sunny’s personal favourite it the Oven-Fresh Harbour!

Want to see if Vintage is a good fit for you and your fur baby?  Head to their website, they have pages and pages of useful information!  If you do decide you want to give it a try you can search their website to find all the places it’s available near you or you can visit















Special thanks to Vintage Pet Food  for partnering with me on this post! And thank YOU for supporting all of the brands I love to work with on Teach Me Style, I couldn’t do it without you!