Yes, this is where you will find the mini egg cheesecake recipe you’ve all been asking for… actually, here it is. You have waited long enough! 100/10 make this. It takes almost a full 24 hours so prepare yourself for that but when I say it’s worth it, I mean it.

Okay, let’s recap the week. It was Easter weekend which means this week consisted of tonnes of overeating, leftovers and catch up from taking Friday and Monday off… yes we took both days, the perks of both being entrepreneurs. Speaking of being an entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ve heard but I am back at work!! Well, I guess I’ve technically been back at work with TMS for quite some time, but I took 6 months off from Shop Teach but I am back and it feels good(ish).  I say ish because if I am being totally transparent, it does still feel a little soon. Although Halo is 6 months and I took WAY longer than I anticipated. I still feel a little sense of guilt for having to go back to work. Of course, most of the work hours will be when she is napping or sleeping at night, but there will be times where she will have to be with Lee or our parents so I can work.  It also means my brain is going a mile a minute with what all needs to get done and that means I am not fully present with her all the time and that makes me feel like a bad mom. I KNOW how fast this time goes. I’ve seen it with Dane… one minute he’s 4 pounds swimming in preemie clothes and the next he’s yelling at me from the basement asking me to come hit bombs (home runs) with him lol.  But, such is the life I choose, that is one of being my own boss, which can be challenging but of course, also comes with perks. All that being said, I hope you love this drop as much as I do! I hope you will take some time to look and see if anything catches your eye! To those who have messaged, commented, or sent an encouraging DM, thank you so much for the support, it truly means the world to me!

What I cooked /ate:

The Mini Egg cheesecake which I already shared the recipe for but if you missed it, here it is again! Other than that I really haven’t cooked a lot! My mom sent us home with a tonne of leftovers from Easter dinner (jackpot), my Inspired Go salads have been getting me through lunches, by the way if you’re on the fence about trying these, do it, they’re unreal. We made a couple pizzas using the shells they sell at the Italian Star Deli. I believe they bring in from Solo Italia in Ogema. If you haven’t tried these go to Italian Star Deli and grab some- they freeze beautifully and make the best pizza! We always have a few in the freezer for quick dinners.

What I’m loving:
Okay, this is random but the Honolulu Cookie Company now sells mini bites at Coscto… you MUST get them but prepare yourself, you will eat the entire bag in less than a week they’re that good. If you haven’t had Honolulu Cookie Company cookies, they are a Hawaiian delicacy- shortbread cookies that are to die for!

What I Wore:

This week I wore a whole lot of Shop Teach because the drop is happening TODAY! You can shop it here! If you happen to snag a few of the pieces and need some style inspo look no further!


Joggers are Shop Teach we have a few sizes available, I’ll link them here!

Have a great week, besties!