32 Things You May Not Know About Me

Today I turn 32 years old which is feels weird to even say, I definitely don’t feel 32 and most of the time I don’t act 32 either. I really had no plans to celebrate and to be honest was feeling a little in meh about turning 32 until I thought about what my Grandma often says, “there are people who would love to grow older but never had the chance.” She’s so right. Today, and everyday is a gift so Happy Freaking Birthday to Me!!! To celebrate I thought it would be fun to share a few fun facts you may not know about me!

1.) I used to be a Zumba instructor. I grew up dancing and love fitness so it was a fun combo. I met some pretty great people teaching those classes.  I eventually gave it up because I became too busy with teaching and blogging!

2.) I was an extra on the show Corner Gas.  I was cast as a Cheerleader and had a 10 second clip- it was a super fun experience!

3.) I had a perm and at the time I thought nothing on Earth was cooler. I also had a unibrow which I HATED but now I’m thankful for my crazy hairy brows.

4.) I talk in my sleep when I’m in new places. I don’t get embarrassed easily but this always gets me.

Me and my bestie, Nicole! And yup, that’s my finger up my nose.

5.) I had an interview with the head casting producer for The Bachelor this summer but because of timing it didn’t end up working out. Looking back I’m so grateful it didn’t…the girls on this season are SO mean.

6.) Sunny is technically a rescue… My brother’s friend bought him from a pet store when he was drunk. He woke up the next morning and called my brother freaking out because he was leaving to play hockey in Europe a few days later.  I was living in Edmonton at the time so I flew home and rescued him lol.

One of the few pictures I have of Sunny as a puppy.  iPhone’s weren’t a thing back then so I don’t have many photos of him as a baby. This was taken at a wedding. Sunny was so little and I didn’t want to leave him home alone for that long so I snuck him into the church in my purse! He was a complete angel and slept the whole time. I now realize I was crazy for doing it but at the time I thought nothing of it.

7.) When I was 3 I was helping my mom bake her birthday cake. I had long hair and leaned a little too close and my hair got caught in the beaters.  My hair wrecked the mixmaster and my mom was hystarical. I remember it vividly. I had a bald spot about the size of an orange on the top of my head for a quite some time and I wore a scrunchie with a huge purple puff on it to hide the spot. I hated that scrunchie. We don’t have any photos of this because I was so embarrassed. I hated when people would ask about it or look at it.

Perm and a full on unibrow. Good times.

8.) My fondest childhood memory is baking teddy bear buns with my mom. I can’t wait for the day I get to do this with my own kids!

My mom now bakes these buns with my niece Isla!

9.) I have always loved being in front of the camera and performing.  We have hours of home video footage where I dance and sing to the camera… perhaps that’s why I’m so obsessed with Tiktok now?!

Tiktoker in the making!

10.) I am the youngest of three.  My sister Heather is 38, my brother Byron is 35, and I am 32! For the majority of my childhood I followed my sister and her friends around. I was the annoying younger sister. Now we’re besties and she begs me to come visit her.

My brother is killing the style game with the round sunnies and comb over. Also, my sister’s jeans are so on trend right now, haha!

11.) I put a knife right through the palm of my hand trying to get the pit out of an avocado.  I was watching The Bachelor and trying to make guacamole and the same time, the pit wasn’t coming out so I decided to try and stab the pit. Well I stabbed it so hard that it went through the pit and also through my hand.  I have a scar on the top of my left hand from it!

12.) My best friend Nicole and I have been friends since I was born. She is a year older than me.  Our mom’s have been best friends since Kindergarten and therefore we were basically forced to be friends.  We couldn’t be more opposite but I freaking love her.

Snuggles with my dad… again, finger in nose.

13.) I’m contemplating cutting my hair to a bob but I feel like my hair is my best feature so I’m scared… stupid I know.

14.) I can’t go to sleep without a bedtime snack. Honey nut cheerios is my favourite.

15.) I loved Ketchup sandwiches as a kid.  Don’t judge me, I know you did too.

16.) I went to Pre School at Gordon’s School on George Gordon First Nation.  My neighbour and I were the only Caucasian kids in our class. My teacher was Mrs. Bitternose and I have the absolute best memories from my year spent there… they had the coolest slide that was shaped like an elephant and you slid down the trunk! SO FUN!

17.) I am happiest when I am dancing. My grandpa is my favourite dancing partner.

My favourite dance partner, my grandpa.

18.) I was a cheerleader for the Saskatchewan Roughriders for two seasons. I was in Toronto cheering when they won the grey cup!

My brother flew down to watch the game so I found him in the crowd and we took a photo for our mom!

19.) I grew up on a farm 15 minutes from Raymore. I graduated grade 12 with almost everyone I walked into Kindergarten with. At the time I didn’t realize how cool it was, but it was such a great way to grow up.

20.) I built a house with my ex boyfriend.  Looking back we were so young but it was such a great experience and it ended up being a great investment for both of us. If you’ve been around here for a long time you may remember the house! When we split I ended up selling it to a follower who sent me a DM about it.

21.) I have anxiety but I found some things that really help: being around family and friends, yoga, staying in a routine, and being active. I also try to minimize the amount of caffeine I have!

As you cans see I’m having the time of my life, Heather on the other hand couldn’t be more annoyed lol

22.) My nickname growing up was Hollering Annie.  Apparently I was a miserable child and had a glare that could kill.  I only wanted to hang out with my mom. Something’s never change LOL.

23.) I met Brad at the Garth Brook’s concert.  He chased me down and asked me on a date… haha not really but kind of!  It was a 30 second encounter that still doesn’t feel real. Maybe one day I’ll share the whole story but for now I try to keep my dating life private which is tough because I love sharing with you guys!

We celebrated New Years in the mountains with some friends! Brad is an amazing skier and is teaching me!

24.) I played hockey growing up. I played defence and once did the splits to stop the puck.

25.) My mom, sister and I all have birthmarks on the inside of our thighs.

26.) I have never broken a bone and I’ve never been a milk drinker so…

27.) My mom and I travelled to China when I was 17 to visit my sister who lived there at the time.

28.) My Grandma is the reason I love to cook. I have such fond memories of cooking with her, she taught me so much in the kitchen and life, of course! She now lives in a home and I try to take her some sort of baking or cooking when I go visit her.

My sweet Gram! I spent a lottt of time at her place growing up!

29.) I had a horse growing up named Dixie.  I rode a lot when I was younger but she was neglected when I started dancing more competitively eventually my dad made me sell her. I don’t blame him. My dream is to one day have an acreage with horses!

30.) Until I went to Kindergarten I sucked on my middle and ring finger and stuck my index finger up my nose.   I will never forget the moment my mom told me the kids on the school bus would tease me so I had to stop. We were in Woolco and she bought me a four pack of bubble gum and said I should chew it whenever I had the urge. It worked like a charm.

31.) My full first name is Holly Anne… I want to say only 2 people on Earth call me by that though.

32.) I would rather watch a movie I’ve seen 10 times over than watch a new one.

Haha, wow so random! I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me!