How To Combat Winter Hair

I have been meaning to write this post for weeks now.  Winter hair is the worst hair.  It’s dry, brittle, straw-like and staticy… ugh, staticy hair is just the absolute worst!!!

Lucky for you, I have done the grunt work.  I’ve tried dozens of products and I’ve selected only my favourites (the ones I’ve bought, used, and rebought, several times) to share with you! There is one key element to having winter hair and that is dryness.  All the winter hair traits described above are mainly caused by dryness. In order to combat these traits, you need to restore the moisture back into your hair.


3 Products You Need To Kick Winter Hair’s Butt

1.) EVO – The Great Hydrator this product is like a patient friend, gently combing out the knots in your hair while another friend lays petals upon the ground to soften your walk to the morning bus.  Those are the exact words taken from the front of the bottle and every one is true.  I’ve talked about this hair mask before.  It’s my ride or die and I seriously would NOT survive winter without it.

2.) Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil– First, this oil, well anything from the Oribe line actually, smells AMAZEBALLS. I have the candle and it gives me LIFE!!! Shout out to Sara Lindsay Makeup Studio for the candle. If you’re local to Regina, she carries the entire Oribe line where you can purchase in person and save on shipping.  This oil does exactly what every oil should do that never seems to.  It moisturizes without weighing your hair down.  I put this on my hair when it’s damp before I blow dry and then again when I’m done styling my hair.  Keep it away from the roots- it does add some shine which can make your hair look oily if you take it to the root.  The only downfall is the price… it is quite expensive but trust me it’s worth it, and it lasts forever!!

3.) EVO- Hot Tool Shaper you like power tools; you like getting creative and exercising your machine reflex upon your head; but alas, your late night bbqing sessions are causing the ends to fray; the answer could be simple- a little lack of lubricant.  Another direct quote from the bottle, lol.  These product descriptions just crack me up but they’re so true!  Protecting your hair when using hot tools is key.  Damage hair = a brittle, dry, straw like mess.  Not cute! Protect those locks, love!

There ya have it! Do you have any favourite products that help combat winter hair?! If so, spill your secrets!