There is no hiding the fact that there is no shortage when it comes to bloggers, especially women who blog about fashion.  To the point where many are annoyed,  “oh, right another fashion blogger” are words often thrown around.

Personally, I feel the more the merrier!!  I follow so many bloggers and I’m always discovering new ladies (and sometimes men) that I enjoy seeing on my newsfeed.  Each one of them bring me some kind of inspiration.  Maybe it’s a new recipe I want to try, a trend I am loving but I’m still not exactly sure how to put it together and make it my own, a coffee table to complete my living space, or an adorable dog that will remind me to book Sunny’s next hair appointment!

If you’ve been an OG Teach Me Style reader, it would be no shock to you that Jillian Harris is a huge inspiration for me! I adore her and I genuinely trust in what she is doing.  She gives honest reviews and I’ve never been disappointed ordering anything she’s recommended- for example: these overalls.  They are from Forever 21. I have nothing against Forever 21, but I have never been overly happy with their denim, but I decided to trust Jillian and give them a go (against my gut feeling). OMG! Am I ever happy I did! I cannot tell you how happy  I am with them!! The fit? Perfect! The wash? Even more perfect! They are the perfect not too dumpy, but not too sexy pair… if you follow my Instagram stories you will notice I have been LIVING in them on the weekends, I am OBSESSED!!!!

I’m not going to lie, I ordered the exact outfit she was wearing, LOL.  I ordered the striped long sleeved body suit, and these overalls.  I adore the outfit- but I must say this look shown below is a little more me! I adore anything blush, I am a huge crop top fan and I cannot get enough of sneakers lately, so I incorporated these elements into this look.   And that is exactly what we bloggers are trying to do!  Feed you with inspiration and the knowledge so you can experiment with new trends but also go out and make a style your own!




A huge thank you to Marcedys Sommers for the beautiful photos! It was an absolute pleasure working with you! Make sure to check out her website here and follow her on Instagram!


  • 2 years ago

    Hey Holly! I totally agree with you… babes supporting babes! You were one of the inspirations for me starting my own blog! Made it seem doable because you seem like a fellow cool Canadian chic! Wondering if you have any advice as I am just starting out? Thank you & keep up the great posts!

    • 2 years ago

      Hi Shannon! Awe- I’m so flattered I inspire you, thank you so much for sharing this!! Tips- hmmm I have a lot but perhaps it would be better to do a whole blog post on this! But for now I would just say be consistent! Try to find a schedule and force yourself to stick to it!!! Whether it is on Instagram or your actual blog you need to be consistent so people know they can count on your to find new inspiration!
      Stay tuned… I feel like this would be a good blog post 🙂



  • 2 years ago

    Hi Holly! I totally agree… the more, the merrier! You were actually one of the inspirations behind me starting my own blog… … you seem like a fellow cool Canadian chic! I would love any advice as I am just starting out 🙂 Thank you & keep the awesome posts coming!

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