What I’m Wearing: Sask Fashion Week

The countdown is officially on!  Saskatchewan Fashion Week is less than 2 weeks away, eeek!  That screech was a combination of excitement and stress… what the heck am I going to wear!?

The age old question “what are you wearing?” is always one that seems to stress a lot of people out when it comes to fashion week.  Perhaps because it’s a fashion event, it makes people feel a bit more nervous.  Which in all reality, it should relieve a little bit of pressure. Fashion shows are a great time to try a new trend or wear something you might typically stray away from. I say anything goes as long as you keep these three things in mind:

1.) Does it fit properly and is it flattering on your body type?  Remembering to buy pieces that fit your body is super important. You want to make sure it is not pinching you in the wrong places, cutting you off, and that the cut and length are flattering.  Not sure, ask a friend who you can trust… that brutally honest friend is the one you’re going to want to ask!

2.) Will you wear the item again? This one is huge for me, especially if I’m going to be spending some of my hard earned money on the item.  Before purchasing, try to think of at least three other occasions you can wear the item for.  I typically stray away from dresses as I find they are much harder to rewear.  Skirts, a fun pant, or even rompers are a little more likely to get more wear in my wardrobe so I tend to stick to them.

3.) Do you feel confident? This is the most important rule.  If you feel confident in the outfit, that is ALL that matters! You smile and confidence will rub off on others around you… heck they may not even notice the outfit!

Keep these things in mind and you’ll be sure to wow yourself… that is after all who you should be dressing for!

Here is a couple of looks from last year for a little inspo…

Not attending the actual fashion show? Don’t worry, the after party and Designer Pop-Up shop will be open to the general public. I’ve bought some of my favourite things from the pop-up shop.  I’ve even changed outfits mid fashion show because I’ve fallen in love with something at the shop and couldn’t wait to wear it, haha yup that’s me!
Not really into fashion or shopping but somehow you’ve ended up at Sask Fashion week? You also, don’t have to worry! The after party is always a good time.  The drinks are great, the music game is strong, and the dance floor is always bumping!

Will I be seeing you at Sask Fashion week?