TTT: Mother’s Day Gifts

If you’re anything like me, these sorts of holidays, always seem to creep up. You know you have to do something for them because they are special to the families and the kids,  but it really has nothing to do with the curriculum or the outcomes you’re covering.  I know, I’ve been there… but it IS important to the kids and so therefore it needs to be done.

I have found a fun, relatively cheap and affordable solution.. Shrinky Dinks.  YES lol that is what they’re called.  It is a plastic paper like material that the kids decorate sharpies.  You then pop them in the oven and they shrink, get thick, and harden. You can make necklaces, or bracelets, or beads.  I always get the kids to make a keychain for their dad’s and a necklace for their moms.  I cut them into heart shapes, usually 6 to a sheet and then use a hole punch and make a triangle by punching 3 holes ( on on the top and two just below).  YOU need three.  I tried it doing just one hole and it was much too small to fit the chain through.

Warning: BE PATIENT when watching them shrink in the oven! They do like to curl up and they look like they are about to stick together and be ruined forever but trust me they will unroll and lay flat.  I made the mistake of taking them out too soon the first time I did them.

VOILA! Easy, adorable, and such a good keepsake for their mommies!

Happy Teaching- and yes, I am SO sorry it has been way too long since my last TTT but you know, life! haha