Vintage Denim Shorts

I have to start by saying these shorts are probably my favourite piece of clothing that I’ve ever put on Teach Me Style.  Wow, k that is a bold statement but it’s true.  It would be an understatement to say I love these… I adore them!  Perhaps it’s the fact that I have been wanting a pair of vintage Levi shorts for YEARS and never had any luck.  They were either too big, too small, or the wash wasn’t great.  But, a few days ago I noticed The Dress Form post these on their Instagram and I was lucky enough to get my hands on them… Best. Day. Ever.

The HOT SAUCE IN MY BAG… SWAG wasn’t originally on them but I had Stacey, the beautiful owner of The Dress Form, embroider it on.. I can’t take credit for this idea I had seen it on a pair she sold previously and decided I needed it.  Don’t even ask how disappointed I am to not have these for her concert a few months ago!!  The coolest part is you can literally get anything you want embroidered on them.  This girl is seriously so talented and is just the sweetest!  Check out her etsy store… be prepared though, you will find one million things you obviously need.

Also, I am starting to realize I am addicted to sneakers.  I have seen these Adidas sneakers around everywhere, but I must admit, it was Shea from the blog Peace Love Shea, who turned my want into a need.


IMG_0087 IMG_0089 IMG_0030 IMG_0040 IMG_0023 IMG_0019 IMG_0044 IMG_0063 IMG_0071 IMG_0069 IMG_0027

Do you have a favourite pair of cut offs?!



T-Shirt || Denim Shorts (vintage from The Dress Form) || Sneakers