The In’s And Out’s of Laser Hair Removal

Last month, I FINALLY got laser hair removal and I cannot believe it took me this long to jump on the bandwagon.  I got my first treatment at Patty Gourgaris Laser Skin Studio about a week before leaving for Mexico and I’m not exaggerating when I say it is the best thing I’ve done in years.  It is a total vacation (or just life in general) game changer.  I fall under the olive skin tone category, which I am almost always thankful for.   However,  along with that olive skin tone typically comes hair. Lots of a thick, coarse, dark hair, and let’s be honest the only place you want long, thick, dark hair is on your head.


I’m not going to lie, even though all my friends had been telling me that I needed to get laser done, I was still hesitant.  I had tonnes of questions and a few concerns about the process, this is where Patty came in.  Not only is she welcoming, friendly, and beautiful (you should see her skin- flawless!!), she is extremely knowledgeable.   It’s clear she is passionate about what she does.  I sat down with her to get the do’s and don’t and in’s and out’s of laser hair removal!

Don’t: treat this like a wax appointment.  When getting a wax you’re told to let the hair grow so the wax can attach.  This treatment is totally different.

Do: Shave.  Shaving before your appointment is important and crucial for this service. There are two reasons why you must shave before the appointment.  First, we want the energy to go to the root of the hair.  If the hair is long the energy is wasted burning the hair above the surface of the skin.  Second, the chances of burning increases if the hair is long because it is burning the hair on the skin’s surface.  These are both things we don’t want, so just shave… and take it all in while you do because those day will soon be over 🙂

Don’t: try to be tough or save money by not getting the numbing cream.  There are tonnes of different kinds of lasers out there and some hurt more than others.  A more powerful laser will hurt more but in the end will allow you to have better results in shorter amount of time.  Just make sure you’re seeking a professional who is well trained and experienced!  The laser treatment I had hurt… like a lot.   However, the first one is always the worst, it gets much easier each time, and there are procedures you can take to make it a lot more bearable.

Do: Get the numbing cream and put it on AT LEAST 90 minutes before.  And when I say put it on I mean PUT IT ON… as Patty would say “thick like icing”.   The cream is called Emla and you can get it at your local pharmacy.  You don’t need a prescription for it, but you will need to ask the pharmacist as it is behind the counter.  The cream is quite expensive- around $70 CAD for  a 30g tube… but trust me, you NEED it.

Don’t: be a quitter… going once and then never again is a TOTAL waste of money.  One treatment will not do the trick. Although I cannot say how many you will need (everyone is different) I can guarantee it won’t be just one, so don’t quit- it will be SO worth it in the end.

Do: be consistent- like I said, it’s going to hurt the first time but just remember it gets much easier every time you go (there is less and less hair each time) and just remind yourself that it’s short term pain for long term gain!!!P1160532
Some other tips and tricks to consider:

-if you have super blonde body hair this treatment is most likely not for you however, it never hurts to ask a professional for their advice.  Local to YQR? Talk to Patty- she will tell you if it’s a good idea or not!

-it seems like  a lot of money up front but if you consider a lifetime of wax or sugar appointments and razors in between you’re really saving money in the long run

-be prepared to end your long term relationship with razor burn, ingrown hairs, and the bumps/rashes that come along with shaving.  I know this will be tough one to end but just BE STRONG 😉

-If you’ve recently been on a hot holiday you’ll want to wait a few weeks before doing your next treatment.

-you’re always vacation/ adventure ready.  I cannot tell you how many times my friends have called me up out of the blue to head to the beach for the day (teacher life).  The first thing that USED to come to mind is “um, sure…but I’m going to need at LEAST an hour to get this situation sorted out”… not anymore!!!


To finish this post, I will share a quote from Patty herself: “women come in thinking they’re the only ones on the planet with excessive facial/body hair and are very embarrassed about it. When I mention to them that I suffered from the same thing, and I know their struggle, they’re immediately put at ease.  They immediately feel comfortable with me because I’ve gone through the struggle with myself and they see that my skin looks normal with no signs of ever getting anything done.”

I hope this posts answers any questions you may have had about laser! If there is something you’re still curious about feel free leave a comment or e-mail me!