The Blanket Scarf

The blanket scarf… ah, such a typical fall must-have but for good reason.  I have heard people poke fun of the trend calling those wrapped up in their leather coats and blanket scarves “Aritzia Blanket Scarf Zombies”.   I have to chuckle… I am a self proclaimed Aritzia Blanket Scarf Zombie.  I love them and I’m not afraid to admit it.  I love how cozy they are, how you can wear them as a giant scarf or as a poncho/cape, I love that they keep my face warm during recess supervision, and I love that they add that little bit of dimension to any outfit.  I typically wear mine folded in half to make a triangle and then wrapped around my neck however, lately I have been wearing it as a poncho and I am loving it.

IMG_8674_edited IMG_8663_edited
IMG_8639_edited IMG_8633_edited





This particular scarf is about 6 years old. In fact this entire outfit is old and I still love it! Finding new ways to wear old clothes is one of my favorite things. I suggest you pull up your favorite blog(s) (mine include, Jillian Harris, Sincerely Jules, Shalice Noel, and Gal Meets Glam) for a little inspiration, pour yourself a glass of wine, and make a big ol’ mess in your closet. At least one of the following will happen: you will come up with a sweet new outfit, you will find something you thought you had lost forever, or you will realize what kinds of pieces you are missing from your wardrobe and what you need to add the next time you have a little extra cash floating around!

Are you a Blanket Scarf Zombie?!





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