Two years, an engagement, a baby, and a wedding later I am finally sharing all the details of our home renovation. I have shared almost everything on Instagram and in some previous blog posts, but I still continue to get questions about certain things (paint colours, my hanging chair, etc) so I though I would put this post up for easy and quick reference! Make sure you watch the video at the end as that is where I go through nearly everything in the house!  So if I don’t answer your question in this post I most likely will have answered it in the video which is at the end of this blog.  I also share a few things I would have done differently… so if you’re in the beginning stages of doing a renovation make sure to watch!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet and just get to the point and I’ll answer the most common questions!

Who was your general contractor? Kyle Daly of Daly Construction.  I love this story so much actually! One of my followers (now friends) reached out and said her boyfriend (now fiance) was trying to turn his part time construction gig into a full time one so he didn’t have to go back to work on the rigs. She asked if he could quote for me and I said, heck why not! I got such a great vibe from him, I hired him on the spot! He has since turned his part time gig full time and has been SO busy- so proud of this guy! Some of you may be wondering why I didn’t uses Leenan Homes, Lee’s home building company, and to be honest they were so busy at the time and they don’t really do small jobs like this!

Did you hire a interior designer or did you do it yourself? Haha, this one cracks me up! I most definitely DID NOT design this myself. I am great at making Pinterest boards of things I think will look nice but other than that I am hopeless when it comes to design. I used Carli from Citizen Design Co and I 100% recommend using her and her team. Carli has been in the industry for years, is not only so talented but is also just the best person.  She worked within our budget, made sure our space not only looked beautiful and felt like us, but it also functioned the way we needed it to. If you are thinking of doing a reno or building a home definitely reach out to her and her team!

Where are the light fixtures in your home from? The dining room, kitchen, and bathroom fixtures are all from Richardson’s a local lighting store here in Regina! I absolutely love them and when we build our new home I am considering taking them with me! The bedroom fixtures are from Ikea!

What are the colours of your walls? Okay- we actually have quite a bit of colour in our home which I am happy about! The white in our house is Chantilly Lace- I love it because it’s very neutral, not too cool not too warm! The bathroom is called Cashmere Wrap, and our bedroom wall is called Essex Green. All colours are by Benjamin Moore! It Dane’s nursery the colours on the feature wall from top to bottom are: Flurry, Creamy Orange, Jack O’Lantern, Rust, Copper Clay. Again, all the paint was Benjamin Moore!

What is the colour of your countertops and where did you get them from? We got them from CNG Stone Products and had the absolute best experience. You can read about it here! The colour is Calacatta Gold in our kitchen and bathroom as well.

Where are your kitchen cabinets from? We did an Ikea kitchen for the most parts but we did customize parts of it. We did Kitch fronts in our island which I am happy with but I not going to lie, I wouldn’t do a dark colour again. It shows fingers prints and grease like crazy. I like how it looks but it is definitely harder to keep clean than white.  Schneider Millwork also made us a custom spice drawer as well as a custom range hood and they were an absolute dream to work with. I have had a few people reach out and ask if I am happy that we went with Ikea and the answer is yes! This is not our forever home, we bought a lot and are building in the next bit and we won’t be doing Ikea in that home.  This house that we currently live in is going to be a rental so we couldn’t justify spending a lot of money on custom cabinetry when it was eventually going to be a rental. Ikea is great in certain circumstances and I am 100% happy we used them in this house!

Where are your blinds from? Erica Honoway Interiors! Erica was an absolute DREAM to work with. She is so passionate and knowledgable when it comes to blinds it is actually incredible. She also has a great eye for design (she is also an interior decorator) so you know you’re going to get something that is not only functional it will also look great! If you want more information regarding the blinds I have you can check out the full blog post here.

Where is your backsplash from? Floor Coverings International. I get so many questions about my backsplash, people love it and I don’t blame them! Floor Coverings International also gifted me all the beautiful rugs in our home. You can read more about the tile and the rugs I chose here.

Where is the wallpaper in your closet from? The Design Collective, in fact so is the stuff in Dane’s closet! Juliesa has the most amazing selection of wallpaper! She is located in The Design Hub!

Where did you find your throw pillows? It took me FOREVER to find a set of throw pillows that I loved… like almost as long as it took for me to get this blog post out, haha which is a long time! But, let me tell you, they were worth the wait. I got them from Curated Pillow Co a female, locally owned pillow shop that hand makes small batch pillow covers. These covers are absolutely gorgeous.  I get compliments nearly every time I have company over and quality of these pillows are next level. I believe the exact pillow covers I have are on sale right now! Here is the link!

Who did your closets? All the closets in our house were done by Diana at Stor-X Southern Saskatchewan and because they are so awesome I did an entire blog post on every single detail. Our house is very small and as much as we try to limit the amount of stuff we collect, we have lots and so storage is important… Diana nailed this! Read the full blog post here!

Where is your kitchen faucet from? Aquabrass! Kitchen and bathroom are both from Aquabrass!

What is that place you often talked about that has all flooring, wallpaper, paint, etc all in one place? The Design Hub! This is literally the coolest place ever if you are doing a reno or building a home. It is like a one stop shop for everything!!
Paint: Certa Pro Painters – they painted our entire upstairs and did an amazing job!
Wallpaper and custom drapery and rehupholstering: The Design Collective
Flooring, Tile, and Backsplash: Floor Coverings International
Closets: Stor-X Southern Saskatchewan
I wasn’t joking, it really is like a one stop shop!

Where is the wallpaper in your closet from? The Design Collective, in fact so is the stuff in Dane’s closet! Juliesa has the most amazing selection of wallpaper! She is located in The Design Hub!

Are your hardwood floors real? Yes they are! This home had hardwood throughout, except the kitchen, so Kyla refinished it, blended it in and added new stuff to the kitchen so it was consistent throughout! It was a big job and it looks beautiful but I honestly wouldn’t do it again. We are SO hard on it and it is already so scratched… two dogs and a toddler later, I am wishing I would have just done LVP if I am being honest. The finish we used is Bona white.

Check out the home tour for more details!