Makeup With Nu Image

A few months ago I was introduced to the lovely ladies (Jenn and Miranda) at Nu Image. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of spending time at their beautiful space learning about some of their products.  Their knowledge and expertise in these areas are admirable so whenever I’m there I’m almost certain my jaw is hanging open as I listen and hang on to every word they say… seriously though, who doesn’t want all the secrets to beautiful skin! They carry medical grade skincare and makeup that is good for your skin, it’s clear they really do want you to have the most beautiful skin possible!

We all know there are millions of things that factor into having healthy skin: sun, your diet, staying hydrated, etc.  Skincare is definitely an important one (I will be talking about that soon, so stay tuned) but so is makeup.  Using all the best skincare products can really be a waste if you’re putting unhealthy makeup on your skin, and boy was I guilty of this!  Before meeting Jenn at Nu Image, I would put anything on my skin without thinking twice.  In my defence, I had never tried a mineral makeup that compared to my “not so good for your skin” makeup. Before I get too deep into this post I’m going to throw this out there.  Will I completely switch to all mineral makeup, all of the time, no I most likely won’t  But, has trying these products opened my eyes to trying healthy and new products, absolutely… especially ones that you put directly on your face.

Enter Glo Minerals! I had seen these products on my girl Jillian Harris’ snapchat before I had the pleasure of trying them and now I know what she was raving about!!  A couple weeks ago the beautiful and talented Jenn did my makeup with all Glo Mineral products and my view on mineral makeup has completely changed!  Glo Minerals has killed it with these formulas.  I now own some of the products so I thought I would give y’all  a little review on what I am currently using in my everyday routine.

LUXE Liquid Foundation: This is by far my favourite Glo Mineral product that I own.  From the packaging (glass bottles get me everytime) to the application and staying power this foundation gets 5 stars all around.  It applies beautifully, offers buildable coverage, is lightweight, has a dewy finish (you know I’m all about that glow life), lasts all day, and doesn’t settle into my fine lines.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.  *I have read some reviews that suggest the color matching process can be difficult with this foundation, so make sure you ask for help! If you go to Nu Image to purchase this they will gladly help you find the perfect shade for you!


Contour Kit: I was honestly hesitant to switch to this one as you may know I love my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette.  But, I decided to give this a go and am I ever glad I did.  I can without a doubt say I like it even more.  Here’s why, the banana powder is a lot more pigmented than the Anastasia one! It actually highlights my undereye area a lot better and also sets my concealer perfectly.  The colors apply beautifully and are not chalky or patchy at all.  I find myself reaching for this on the daily, well done Glo, well done!


Creme Glaze Crayon (Heirloom): Creamy, comfortable, and just the prettiest every day color!  I LOVE this pencil lipstick, it reminds me a lot of the NARS lip pencils if you’ve tried those except… they’re NOT bad for you! YAY!! Also, this little guy comes with a sharpener on the end, genius!!!!


Cherry Lip Balm: You guys… winter is coming.  I’m so sorry to say it but as I’m writing this I’m bundled up in my sweats, a bunnyhug (it’s a Canadian term, google it if you don’t know what it is, haha) and my slippers, it’s chilly out there today, my friends! With old man winter around the corner you KNOW you’ll be reaching for that chapstick nonstop.  I love this one!!! First, the size of it is hilarious and awesome all at once.  It is legit the size of a glue stick, like the big one, haha! I throw it on before using my Creme Glaze Crayon and my lips feel like heaven! It protects lips with full spectrum SPF 15,  while nurturing botanicals of hemp seed oil, meadowfoam and mango seed butter soothe and heal… I mean, common!


To learn even more about Glo Minerals I suggest you hop over to their website, they have a tonne of information!

Okay, so you know me and there is no way I would get you all jacked up about new products without letting you in on some kind of discount, secret, or deal! Ready for it?! Nu Image is having an out with the old, in with the new event on Friday, September 23. Here’s how it works:

Bring any half used or completely empty containers of beauty bar brands to Nu Image. Upgrade to medical grade skin care with Vivier (I use this face wash and LOVE it!) and Skin TX and get 25 % off.  Even better, you get 15 % off their mineral makeup… so, here is your chance to give some of the products I’ve been raving about a go!  Click here for more event details!

I’m going to be at Nu Image on Friday, September 23rd! Will I get the pleasure of meeting you? Come and say hi!!