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Rules. Maybe it’s the teacher in me but I feel like I hear that word all the time and to be honest I hate it, especially when it comes to anything fashion related. I truly believe the only rule that you need to pay any attention to is this: you must wear it with confidence.  If YOU feel confident in what you’re wearing that is ALL that matters, am I right?!

Sorry about the tangent but for real… I do not like following rules, haha!

However, sometimes it is nice to have some guidelines when you’re trying something new.  If that’s the case, I’ve got you!! Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you feel confident while layering necklaces:

1.)Pay attention to the length of the necklaces you’re purchasing or choosing, if layering is the look you’re trying to achieve.  The length of the necklaces are important and will allow them to lay properly.  My favourite trio as of lately have been the following lengths:  15″, 18″, & 28″!

2.) Feel free to mix metals- this is a question I get quite often.  I say GO FOR IT!  Have fun! However, if you’re going to mix metals with your necklaces I would suggest doing it with your other jewelry as well to keep things balanced.

3.) Often when we think of layering necklaces it’s summer and we have more skin showing.  But that is not the only time it can work! Try layering with your knits- it’s such a beautiful way to add details to any look!!

Other than that- experiment and have fun!
Needing a little inspiration? Check out how I’ve layered my favourite Brooklyn Designs necklaces below!

I love these three necklaces both together and apart! In fact, I like the two short ones as a pair as well. I wore them in my latest tutorial and I had several of you asking about them!
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Shop the entire Brooklyn Designs collection here… but be warned it is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and you will want everything!!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! New to Brooklyn Designs?! Check out this post here to learn more about this Canadian brand!

Outfit Details:

Jacket || Skirt || Boots