I’m Backkkk

Holy guacamole!  It has been A MINUTE or more like a month since I have posted on here… what the heck?! What the heck happened?  Well life and adventure happened I suppose!  The good news is I’m back and I’m sure you’re following me on Instagram so you really didn’t miss me THAT much…

If you’re not following me on Instagram (you definitely should!) then I suppose you’re wondering where the h e double hockey sticks I’ve been!  Travelling… that’s what I’ve been doing! Australia, (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Mollymook) Canada, (Banff & Canmore) and the U.S (San Francisco & L.A)… I know right?! I had a jam packed summer but I am HOME now and I can honestly say it feels good.  I am excited to get back into my routine which includes posting on here more frequently and consistently!

While I was away Instagram launched one of their new features, the question sticker. Some people think it’s annoying but I honestly really like it.  It makes it so much easier to read and reply to your questions and get feedback.  One of the most common questions I got was what do you take in your carry on for long haul flights like the one to Australia? Genius! What a great questions because this is critical for the enjoyment of your flight, so without further adieu:

Long Haul Carry On Must Haves

Noise Cancelling Headphones:  I am always shocked at the amount of children/babies on the flights and although they are champs for the most part, why risk it?!  Having a screaming baby beside you is nothing short of torture for you (and their parents).  Also, it gives a clear indication to your seat partner that you’re not up for chatting… sometimes it’s nice but sometimes a girl just wants to enjoy some me time. I have these Bose headphones which are amazing but also very expensive, so I have found a few others that won’t break the bank!

Pajamas: Okay, I know you think I’m crazy, but for real take something different and cozy to sleep.  I typically always travel in my lululemon leggings, a sweater, blanket scarf, and a hat.  But what you don’t see in my airport style photo, are my pajamas that I’ve stuffed into my carry on, haha.  Okay,  you probably don’t want to take your lace nighty on the flight but something like this Smash + Tess romper is perfect.  Maybe it’s just me but I like to change into something… remember, most of these overseas flights are upwards of 15+ hours so trust me you’re going to feel so good changing!

Robaxacet Heat Wrap– I am telling you this is a game changer! I am always freezing on flights!  When I make my way to the bathroom to change into my jammies for my inflight sleep and wrap this around my waist and it is pure heaven.  I would suggest packing two.  They last up to 16 hours so one each way is plenty!

Chapstick & lotion – my entire body legit turn into one big sand dune on flights.  This Eucerin Healing Ointment is my favourite, it works great for lips and even your hands!

Aveeno Ultra Calming Face Wipes -if you forget everything else but remember these you will be just fine.  My most prized possession on a long flight.  Until I can afford a plane ticket on one of those planes that has a shower these will have to do.  Nothing in the world feels better than washing your face before cozying up in your seat for you sleep!
**I have extremely sensitive skin and eyes and these do not bother me at all!
Also, these wipes are a NECESSITY for obvious reasons.

Makeup- I always take my must have makeup in my carry on with me.  You never know if your luggage will make it or not so choose 4-5 products you can’t live without!  For me it’s these:
-eyelash curler

This will also allow you to freshen up after wiping your face… you’ll be glowing upon arrival!

Laptop- Because lord knows it can’t go under the plane.  Also, if you’re feeling ambitious it’s a great chance to get caught up on some work!

Travel Document Wallet– this is the first time I travelled with one and it make a world of difference! I just feel so organized! My passport, boarding passes, cash, and luggage tickets perfectly organized… such a good feeling! This exact one in a different color is on sale, I’ve linked it here!

There ya have it! As far as other advice, just take it for what it is. Think of it like this: you have 15 hours of ME TIME! I mean I know you can’t have a bubble bath but you can watch movies non stop, drink wine, and have all the snacks you want! No emails, no texts, no social media. Airplane mode, literally for basically an entire day. ENJOY it!! Watch movies, do a few stretches in the isles, have a sleep and you’ll be there in no time!

Happy travels my beauties!