How To Make Your Spray Tan Last

If you’re following me on Instagram, then you know I was just recently in Las Vegas! Before I go on any trip, there are the obvious things I need to do like pack, make a sub plan (if I’m taking time away from work), fill my car with gas, and make sure my house is clean… I hate coming home to a messy house! There are also bonus things I like to squeeze in, like getting a spray tan! Whether I’m going somewhere hot to lay on a beach or traveling to Vegas for some shopping, it always feels great to have a little glow.
Upon returning from Vegas on Monday, I had many colleagues ask if I had been somewhere on a beach… score! My spray tan looked natural and had lasted!

Here’s how I made my spray tan last…


  • Exfoliate! Start exfoliating daily, 2 to 3 days before your appointment.  It is best not to use an oil based exfoliant on the day of the application as it can create a barrier between the tan and your skin.  Exfoliating will buff off any dead skin cells or product build up, allowing your tan to apply evenly and will also make your tan last longer!
  • Shave or wax.  Make sure to shave or wax any unwanted hair at least 12 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Avoid face make-up like foundations, powders, deodorant, or any heavy lotions this can cause an uneven application. (Eye make-up is okay!)
  • Wear loose clothes, sandals, and no bra!  This is a mistake I have made in the past.  Having to put socks or even a bra on right after your spray tan can cause lines… get out those baggy boyfriend sweats and sandals, and then for everyones sake, head straight home after!


  • Take your time getting dressed.  If you go to Organic Tan like I do they are really good at drying you as they go, so you typically don’t need to worry about letting it dry.  However, I do still take my time as I’m getting dressed, the longer I can let it dry the less risk of lines!
  • Wear what you’re comfortable in!  Underwear or totally nude, a good spray tan technician will make you feel comfortable no matter what you decide!


  • Continue to exfoliate! A gentle exfoliation daily following your spray tan will help your tan fade evenly.
  • Moisturize!  It is important to stay moisturized after your tan.  My favourite product to use is the Organic Tan Body Lotion which is paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, petro-chemical free, comes in recyclable packaging, and smells ah-ma-zing!!!
  • Use a tan extender.  I grabbed the Color Me Dark and Keep Me Golden tan extenders at my last appointment and they are game changers!! After exfoliating, I reapply the Color Me Dark to my body and the Keep Me Golden to my face, and my tan has lasted flawlessly!  These products are not only for after a spray tan, they can be used all year round, especially during those winter months when a hot vacay just isn’t in the budget.

If you’re a local follower I highly recommend Organic Spray Tan Regina.  I have mentioned her before but Alison is the best, she gives a flawless application and makes you feel comfortable!

Did I miss anything? How do you make your spray tan last?!