How To: Have The Best Experience At The Hair Salon

My hair often seems to be topic of conversation in many of the comments on my Instagram photos. I am so flattered and think it is just the sweetest, but I’m also shocked because I am often that girl who is complaining about her hair… too flat, too staticky, too frizzy, too short, and the list goes on. However, when my hair is cooperating I must say, I do love it and that is all thanks to the beautiful and talented, Jillian Ripplinger from Salon 306.  The girl is a balayage (ombre) genius, which I’m sure you have noticed.

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The last time I sat in Jillian’s chair I had a few questions for her.  I know she can’t give away all her secrets, and most of her talent comes from hard work and being a creative genius but I thought I would see if she had any tips for having the best experience at the hair salon.

Here’s her list:

1.) Don’t wear a turtle neck… duh! Seems pretty obvious but apparently it has been done more times than you’d think.

2.) Clean hair.  This one also seems pretty straight forward but again, has happened more times that she would like.  As much as your hair stylist probably won’t admit it she (or he) doesn’t want to put their beautifully manicured hands in your greasy hair… ew!

3.) Come prepared!  Cut photos out of a magazine, create a pinterest board, bring a photo of your friend… whatever you fancy BUT try to pick hairstyles that are going to work with your hair.  Unless you’re getting extensions don’t choose something that is long and super thick and expect it to look the same- the girl is good but she isn’t a magician!

4.) Save your voice and theirs and just don’t talk while the hair dryer is going.  THEY CAN’T HEAR YOU!  Scroll through Instagram, like a few photos and it will be over before you know it.

5.) Listen when your stylist recommends products.  This will help to maintain the integrity of your hair and its’ color.  It is super important to take care of your hair when you leave the salon.   Healthy hair is always easier to deal with! When it comes to your cut  and or colour, treatments and professional products really do go a long way.  My all time favourite hair mask was one of Jillian’s recommendations and it is seriously the bomb dot com.  My hair has serious static issues in the winter months and this mask solved that problem instantly!

There you have it! Advice from the professional (Jillian)… for more tips, tricks, or style inspo follow this beauty on Instagram– you won’t regret it!

Also, if you’re curious how I curl my hair, check out my tutorial!

How do you make your salon visit the best it can be?!