Adult Coloring… Is It Really Just A Trend?

Adult coloring seems to be everywhere I turn these days. I see it on Instagram, Snapchat, at the local grocery store, at the over priced stationary store, even the dollar store but is it really a trend?   Apparently, some psychologists have been prescribing it to their patients for years, who knew?!… it turns out the benefits are more than just reliving your childhood.

In my world, it’s report card season and you know what that means… stress levels are high and sleep time is low.  One would think after teaching for five years I would be better at time management… well I’m not.  Every semester, report cards sneak up on me and I’m left feeling panicked and stressed.   So, as of lately I have been reaching for my coloring book more than normal.  It has seriously become my favourite way to unwind after work.  It calms my mind, unleashes my creative side, and lets me get rid of the stresses from the day.  IMG_5490_batch

Now, you can go to your nearest trendy stationary store and purchase one from there OR you can find them at your dollar store! I grabbed 3 books for $6.00 and they are just fabulous… let’s be serious people, a coloring book is a coloring book!!

How do you unwind when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed?!