Heartloom V Neck Wrap Sweater
Upon first looking at this sweater I can honestly say I didn’t love it.  Typically these wrap-like sweaters are not that flattering on my extremely small chest, but I was totally wrong with this one! I LOVE everything about it.  It’s light-weight, which is perfect for fall, it looks cute tucked in (as seen here) or out, the wrap is done properly (not too tight or low) which is rare, oh, and it’s grey which is my favourite sweater color. #perfection

At first, I styled this Heartloom sweater with it untucked, with jeans and a statement necklace.  It was cute, but I decided to tuck it in, add this Brave Leather double belt buckle, and this adorable Y2quared choker, and it totally transformed the look!

img_4960 img_5053 img_5022 img_5012 img_5000 img_5055 img_5075 img_5081 img_5013

img_5059If you’re wondering,  yes I was cold during this photo shoot, but it’s just the beginning…

Nothing a little pop in at The Green Spot Cafe for a latte and the best cinnamon bun ever can’t fix!

img_5099 img_5101 img_5110 img_5109 img_5107

YQR peeps, have you been to The Green Spot Cafe’s new location yet? It’s super adorable and don’t worry the cinnamon buns haven’t changed one bit… still the best in the city!


Watch c/o Piperwest || Sweater c/o Heartloom || Belt c/o Brave Leather || Sunglasses c/o Spareparts || Bag c/o Brave Leather || Shoes || Choker c/o Y2quared || Jeans