Graphic Tee & Jean Shorts

Another school year down!!! I know I say this every year but I seriously cannot believe how fast the year flies by.  Every June I am an emotional wreck.  I’m insanely excited for summer vacation… 2 months off, heck yes!!

But, in the same breath I always feel sad.  This year however, I felt especially sad, this was that year.  For those teacher readers you may know what I mean.  This bunch of kids were special… their personalities, strengths, and humour complimented each other beautifully. Yes, I always build connections with my class  but this year was something special.  They truly were an amazing group of kids that I will miss dearly.   Of course they are just moving a few doors down but I can’t help but cry as I request my mandatory “you can’t go to Grade 2 until you give me a hug” hug. Some say I will get over it, but truthfully I hope I never do.  I like my job but I LOVE “my” kids!

Wow, I kind of went off on a tangent there… sorry! Back to me being on summer vacation for 2 months!

Bring on the casual clothes…graphic tee’s and jean shorts!! This tee is just the cutest and makes me smile every time I put it on!IMG_0797


IMG_0488Shorts (similar)|| Sunglasses c/o Spareparts || Shirt c/o Uptown Casuals || Shoes

Any teacher readers out there?! How excited are you to be on summer vacation?! Well deserved, my friends, well deserved!