3 Tips For Choosing Sunglasses

Every summer I like to pick out a new pair of sunglasses that will be my “it” pair for the season.  Typically, I will spend a little more money on at least one pair which almost always carry over from year to year, like these Ray-Ban Icon Aviators featured here, here, and here! I bought these two summers ago before our Europe trip and I still reach for them often.

Picking out a new pair of sunglasses is exciting but can also be daunting.  The options truly are endless.  So, I have created a list of three tips to help you choose the perfect pair this summer!

1.) First, and probably the most important, go see the experts!  Like I mentioned before, typically every summer I like to set out and find a good pair of sunglasses for the season.  I almost always head to Spareparts.  Their selection, customer service, and expert stylists help finding your perfect pair easy breezy. They have the process down to a science, knowing exactly what questions to ask, identifying your face shape, and inquiring about what purpose these shades are going to serve… sport? fashion? trendy? or all of the above?  Within minutes they have a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes pulled to help you narrow it down.  Once you have the details dialled in they are then able to pull a few more to ensure you truly have found the perfect pair for you!

2.) Check your inventory.  Know what you have before you go.  It’s easy to get sucked into a shape, color, or style that you love.  For me it is the eyebrow bar trend. I LOVE this trend but already have 3 pairs so clearly I didn’t need another.  I wanted something that still complimented my face shape but was different than what I already had.  I told my stylist this and she was quick to steer me away when I was wandering back to the eyebrow bar.

3.) Know your face shape but don’t swear by it. This is the trickiest tip. There are SO many articles out there suggesting certain face shapes stick to certain styles of shades. Although I think it’s great to know your face shape and choose a pair that compliment that shape, I don’t think it is the be all, end all, when picking out a pair.  You definitely want to identify your shape and then choose something that is complimentary but I often like to throw caution to the wind and try something totally different… I’m just such a rebel 😉 For more information regarding what face shape and complimentary sunglasses I suggest checking out this post!

My experience at Spareparts was nothing short of amazing! The stylists were so helpful pulling frames upon frames until we found the perfect pair. If you live near a Spareparts location I highly recommend popping in and chatting with one of their stylist, you won’t be disappointed!

IMG_9772 IMG_0584 IMG_0803
How fun are these Round Metal Ray-Ban’s?! I am obsessed with the blue mirror polarized lenses… ah, perfection!

How do you choose the perfect pair?!

Sunglasses c/o Spareparts || Shirt c/o Uptown Casuals || Two Piece Skirt & Crop Top c\o Uptown Casuals