Country Love

You can take the girl off the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the girl… well that’s the saying anyhow.  For those that don’t know I grew up on a farm.  My dad is quite a successful grain farmer- the only animals we had on our farm where our dogs and horses! Yes, I’m bragging…he has worked his tail off to get where he is today, and I’m damn proud of him!!

With that being said, I’m probably the least farm(ish) girl I know… my parents still to this day refer to me as their indoor girl.  I was, and still am, terrified of the snakes,  so my outside time was short lived and was very strategic!  I would never go on the north lawn, that was snake territory.  I would do my mandatory chores and feed/ ride my horses until I grew out of that phase, then I would head back inside to help with indoor projects like cooking and baking! I do however, love going for rides in the combine.  And no, it is not how you picture it.  There is no plaid blanket laid out on the ground with a picnic basket and cold beer, haha.  There’s no time to stop when you’re racing the snowflakes… hop in quick, crack a beer and hope everything goes well!

BUT, there is one part of me that is all country and that is the music I listen to!  I like all music, but I LOVE country!! So, when Garth Brooks announced he was coming it was a serious no brainer! The concert is this Friday and I am SO excited!! Brandon on the other hand, is just busy trying to learn the lyrics to at least one of the songs, he is NOT a country fan but is a great sport and is coming with me.  I’m hoping I can get him in a cowboy hat and boots, is that too much to ask? Stay tuned…

I have come up with two outfit options for the concert… Here is my first one.  It is a little “I’m going out to feed the chickens(ish)” but I swear I kinda like it!


IMG_9082 IMG_9078




Stay tuned for option 2! What do you think of this look, is it TOO country!?

Plaid Shirt (similar, just different color) || Overalls || Booties