Bell Sleeves & Army Green Pants

After organizing some photos on my computer I realized I didn’t share this outfit with you!  So, if you’re wondering why there isn’t any snow on the ground, it’s because these photos were taken before the snow fell!

Although the photos were taken a month ago, and the shoes are not great for winter, I still wear this outfit (minus the shoes) all the time!  I absolutely love how the jeans fit (I’m wearing a size 1).  They are super high waisted, and have just the perfect amount of stretch allowing them to hold their shape and be super comfortable.  If only they would come in two different styles: with rips like I have, and also without, so I could wear them to work!  The long sleeve is also another daily go-to.  It’s basically like wearing a long sleeve sweatshirt but with bell sleeves which you all know I can’t seem to get enough of lately!

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