5 Things You Need to Pull Off Cozy Chic

I’m Canadian so I’m no rookie when it comes to staying cozy while still managing to look cute. It’s all about layers and investing in key pieces you’ll wear year after year.

Here is one of my favourite examples of making cozy look cute.  Now, if only I could go back and tell my 16 year old self this- I vividly remember insisting on wearing only a zip up sweater when it was minus a million degrees.  No toque, no mitts, and definitely no parka.  What the HECK was I thinking… le sigh*

Obviously this outfit is not for the -40 days we have been having lately… a parka is the only way to survive those.  But for the average winter day, this look is perfect!

img_8348 img_8372 img_8256 img_8280

img_8394 img_8308 img_8357  So, here are five things I believe all humans who have to deal with winter need:

1.) A cute beanie or as we Canadians call them… a toque.  Not only will it keep you warm, it’s also great for when you’re too lazy to wash your hair!

2.) A vest- this one is my favourite and is on sale! Most often vests can provide a whole lot of warmth without having to wear the actual parka.  It’s a nice alternative especially if you’re running errands and are in and out of the cold.

3.) Warm mittens.  Protect those nails from harsh weather.  According to Chia from the blog Just Peachy, cold weather is terrible for those mani’s!

4.) Boots because snow… lots of snow.

5.) A parka. For those days when it’s -40, you’re a teacher and you have supervision, or if you simply just want to be cozy AF.


Keep warms and look cute ladies!