Today is the day, guys! Sigma launches their first ever mascaras!!  One formula, three wands, 19 dollars… one heck of a mascara!!!

Why it’s awesome:

13+ hour wear
Smudge proofFlake & water resistant
Nourishing B+ vitamins
With my TEACHME10 promo code the total cost of the mascara is $17.10!!
They have a three pack for $45.00 or $40.50 with TEACHME10 discount code… that works out to $13.50 each!

Why it’s not so awesome for Canadian buyers…

Shipping is more than the actual cost of the mascara 🙁 My suggestion is to wait until you have a full shopping cart of goodies to make it worth while or hold out for a free shipping code… I, of course, will keep you posted!

Have you tried it?! I would love to hear your thoughts!