Gift – A – Green

Greeting cards that grow?! Well that’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while!  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hand written card… so much in fact that I have boxes full of them because I can’t seem to throw them out.  I feel a sense of guilt about throwing something out that someone has taken the time to give me!  But lets be realistic, I need to throw the darn things out already.  What on Earth am I going to do with these boxes full of greeting card? Nothing!! Yes- I’m sure there are a million and one ideas on Pinterest, but you and I both know I’ll never do anything with them.

Gift – a -green, a Canadian company, is the perfect solution to this problem!  Not only are the greeting cards freaking adorable, they are delicious!! I am currently enjoying the Grey Dwarf Sugar Peas and they seriously taste exactly like peas from my parents garden minus the work of having a garden! A card for every occasion, or of course, just because!  Attention friends, you will never be getting a regular old greeting card from me again  #sorryNOTsorry!  Want to join the gift-a-green cool kids club? Use the code: GREEN20 for 20% off!

Shorts || Bodysuit || Necklace c/o Stella & Dot



Special thanks to gift-a-green for partnering with me on this post! And thank YOU for supporting all of the brands I love to work with on Teach Me Style, I couldn’t do it without you!

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