The Ray is BACK

That’s right… the coveted Ray is back and in two new colours: Finding July and I have partnered to bring you Black Stone + Sand! I am such a sucker for neutrals so I couldn’t NOT have them in these beautiful colours!

Alright, let’s cut to the chase… the sizing! The Black Stone and Sand are slightly different in length even though the dress is identical. There are a few reasons for this but the main is that the fabric is SLIGHTLY different. So, when we got the dresses made (in L.A) the black came back shorter than the Sand.  Instead of disposing of these (I would hate to see these all just sit in the landfill) we decided to keep them and pivot slightly. So, the black dresses are definitely catered more towards petite people… anyone 5’2″ and under.

Now,  that is not to say it won’t work for anyone taller than that but just know it will be shorter (2 inches to be exact) than the Sand if you do decide to order both. If you are ordering the black and you are comfortable or prefer a short dress, you would be fine to stick to your true size but if you like the dress to be a touch longer, I would say size up at least one size.  I have had a lot of questions if it will be too big everywhere else and the answer simply put is no.  It will give you more fabric to drape in turn providing more length! For the record, I am wearing a size medium in the black and I am 32 weeks pregnant and have quite the bump already.

As for the Sand, it is slightly longer than the original Ray that was released last Spring (Blush and Mustard)  but is the SAME length as the Olive and Rust Ray’s that were released in the Summer/ Fall.   I am wearing a size small in the Sand which is my regular size.

Below is a size chart for you- please take some time to look it over before Saturday if you want to order so you are ready as soon as the dresses go live!

I hope this helps!! I am so excited for you all to get your hands on these dresses, I know you are going to LOVE them!