Flashback Friday: Paris Edition

If you follow me on instagram, you may remember a few weeks ago I mention I was going to start a little mini-series where I share some of our experiences and memories from our Europe trip last summer. Now, I must pre warn you… my outfits are not the greatest as we were backpacking… my options were limited! We left July 2nd and returned on the 30th. I was so overwhelmed during the packing process and didn’t do the greatest job. If, and when we do it all over again my packing strategy will be a lot different.

Follow along for travel and packing tips!

First stop: Paris! Eeeek, even saying the name gets me excited! Although our time there was limited, I totally fell in love with this city… I’m already dreaming of the day I will return. The weather is not always the best but it doesn’t matter, you’re in Paris and life is just perfect… trust me!

What to wear:

The best word I can come up with to describe Paris’ weather is temperamental. It was rather cool and rained a lot when we were there. I wasn’t prepared for this as all the other countries we were visiting were continually hot and dry. My solution to this… shopping! I picked up a couple sweaters to get me through. If you’re going in the summer months, I would suggest packing things that are easy to layer. It does get hot but also gets fairly cool and tends to rain quite often. Pack items that are comfortable but still look chic; I swear everyone is so beautiful and looks so put together.
Short version:
-sweaters that are layerable
-leather leggings – seriously wore them every day!
-comfortable / cute shoes & sandals that are a neutral color and go with lots of outfits
-a nice jacket that you will wear in the evenings and can withstand rain
-a dress or two for evening dinners and entertainment

Where to go and what to do:
Well, the possibilities are obviously endless so I am going to talk to you about what we did and really enjoyed!
I am so lucky that my beautiful sister is a travel agent and she had suggested we purchase the “Paris Pass”. The pass gave us access to all public transit, the big bus tour, as well as several other tours. We used the pass to ride the big bus where we drove around the city, passing by all the big attractions. We got off at a few of them: The Love Lock Bridge, Notre Dame, and the most expensive piece of real estate in the world, The Champs-Elysees area with all of the high-end retailers. It honestly felt like I was in Heaven. I could have spent our entire trip just walking up and down window shopping at all the beautiful designer shops. I highly suggest the Paris Pass- a great way to see the city!

Palace of Versailles… Well I can see why Kim K and Kanye decided to have their rehearsal dinner there. My goodness, words cannot describe how truly stunning this place is. It rained the entire time we were there but no one seemed to care. Getting lost in the beauty of the architecture and gardens was at the top of mind. Truly breathtaking. A must see!

Galeries Lafayette- the most amazing department store you could ever imagine. I can’t describe it – truly unbelievable. Be sure to grab a coffee and check out the view from the roof top!

The Eiffel Tower(duh!) – you cannot go to Paris without seeing the iconic Eiffel tower… its amazing during the daytime but the light show that happens every hour, on the hour, is magical. The most romantic thing, ever!

Like I said at the beginning of this post there are a million things you can do, our time was limited and the list above is what we decided to take in. On top of those we drank the most amazing coffee, ate macaroons from Laduree, and just wondered getting lost amongst the amazing architecture.

Where to eat: When we travel we often plan our days around where we are going to eat… we love exploring new restaurants, food, and wine – Paris couldn’t have treated us better in this department. Here are our top three:

Le Volant Basque -We found it with the help of trip adviser. Brandon refuses to eat somewhere before checking the reviews, this can be rather annoying at times but I must say we rarely have a bad meal. Upon first glace at the menu I wanted to leave, I love food and I am pretty adventurous but this menu was a little too adventurous for me. However, when is saw the excitement on Brandon’s face I decided to suck it up and try it. The meal was our best yet, featuring a chilli’d veal stew, as well as a beef stew with sides of mashed potatoes, rice and some ground wheat stuff, similar to potatoes. It was truly AMAZING! The owner was also adorable and made our visit so memorable. Do yourself a favor and go- you won’t regret it!

Le P’tit Troquet- Our good friends, Adam and Mia, recommended we try give it a try and I’m so happy we did. A tiny little restaurant with the most intimate and cozy atmosphere- it was adorable and the food was decedent! I had the salad, stewed beef and of course, Creme Brule for dessert. B had a poached egg in a mushroom, beef broth to start, the duck filets, and a chocolate ice cream dessert.

Paris New York – A burger joint right close to the Galeries Lafeyette. I had the “Napalm Sriracha” and B had the “Return of the Cowboy”. The burgers were amazing and so were the sides- a layered leaf caesar salad and loaded fries. YUM!

There you have it…I could go on and on,  obviously this city has so much to offer.  My advice is to you is use public transit (the subway), eat where the locals eat, wander the streets and just take it all it!  You are after all in PARIS!

petite croquete
This tiny little place only sits about 4 tables… we lucked out without a reservation but I suggest you make one!
LV… not to be mistaken as a castle! Champs-Elysees AKA Heaven
outside of hotel minus me
Our hotel… nothing too fancy but still clean and cozy!
love lock bridge
Sealing our love with a lock… now I just need a diamond 😉
Palace of Versailles… truly stunning. Make sure you take some time to go through the many gardens they were my favorite part!
Strolling through the gardens.
There are fresh flowers on nearly every corner… they smelt so perfect!
eiffal tower 2
The iconic Eiffel Tower… make sure to catch it when it sparkles!

Have you been to Paris?  I would love to hear about it! What should I do when I return to this beautiful city?





  • 4 years ago

    Loved this blog!! Makes me want to go back!!!
    i actually went for business but was here twice last year for 7 full days each time! 3 rd week of January… Weather is unbearably cold and rainy, but like you said, I was in PARIS!! Didn’t waste a minute even if I felt my fingers would fall off! Last week in May, sunny and 75… The weather couldn’t have been better! But it did drop to the 40s at night-.-
    The Eiffel tour… Did you take the stairs? Or the elevator? I didn’t want to waste time in the elevator line so I conquered the 764 steps to the second level!! Go me! Aaaaand, I had potatoes feet the rest of the trip-___- go me huh? I had lunch at the restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel… It was ok… Not the best Salmon and Rissoto I’ve had. Versailles …. Ah- may- ZING!! Words cannot express or describe the gardens!!! And you mentioned Kim n Kanye… Well, I was there that same week in May when they were there… So all I was able to see was the garden… The actual castle or whatever it is was off limits to the public.. Lucky me.. Lol.. Leave it to Kanye to ruin everything!! <- i kid I kid… Haha
    Where else? The louvre because I had to see the Mona Lisa (TINY!!) … And I had lunch a cafe off the Louvre courtyard named Le Cafe Marly… Real good!! My mode of transportation the first time around was the metro (subway) because the cold weather was too harsh to handle… The second time around, Velib bikes!! All around town!! Loved it! As a tourist, I think it was the best way to get around all day and soooooooo inexpensive!! Ride bike along the Seine River! I loved everything I ate except escarbarf… I mean escargot. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, but the French?! Idk… well, I tried the French delicacy and no thank you, not gunna happen again. I'm not one to ever order dessert, unless there's creme breulee on the menu, it's just my absolute favorite!… Well, in Paris that just means treadmill every night because I was having dessert after every meal!! Like you said, there's soooo much to say about it, I can go in for hours…. Also went to the love lock bridge and left a lock w my kids names in it… Norte Dame, Arch De Triumph, Moulin Rouge… Oh!! And I was brave enough to drive there!!

    Thanks for the great post… Made me reminisce!! Until we meet again Paris!

    • 4 years ago

      Wow! Love this comment… I think you may love Paris as much as I do!! Haha I giggled several times while reading through this! I CANNOT believe you drove there… you’re one brave women, there are some crazy drivers there!!! I can’t wait to look back at your comment when I go back! Oh and I will definitely rent those bikes you speak of! Thanks SO much for the tips!!

  • 4 years ago

    I am super lovin’ your blog Holly! Your adventures are just awesome. Looking forward to more posts. Paris is my dream city so can you just imagine how envious I was of your photos. Not to mention that you went there with the love of your life. So happy! ????

    • 4 years ago

      Awe thank you so much!! I am enjoying yours as well… it was so nice to meet you at Fashion Week not when I see your posts it makes it so much more personal! You need to go to Paris some day it truly is amazing… and yes going with Brandon made it even better!

  • Cathy
    4 years ago

    Love your blog! Backpacking is definitely a style nightmare – it’s so hard to have more sophisticated outfits for the evening! X


    • 4 years ago

      Thanks, Cathy! Yes packing was a real struggle but I managed to sneak in a few dresses that were great for evenings out! The trick is packing the right material that can be rolled up into a ball and not wrinkle!!

  • Danielle
    4 years ago

    I enjoyed reading this post very much!

    I also like your blog and love your style! You are very cute!


    • 4 years ago

      Awe, thanks Danielle! Back at ya!

  • 4 years ago

    I just got back from a trip to Paris, it is so beautiful there, it’s unbelievable! I really like this post and how you summed up some good places to stop. Lovely photos!


    • 4 years ago

      Awe, that is so great to hear! I am glad you liked my post and ah, Paris… isn’t it just the amazing!!!?

  • 4 years ago

    Love your pictures of Paris! <3
    What a wonderful city !

    • 4 years ago

      Thanks Olivia! It really is a beautiful city!

  • Hey Beautiful Holly 😉 I love your website and all your beautiful photos. I know what you mean when you’re backpacking it’s hard to pack a variety of stylish clothes. It’s definitely not that easy to achieve. I always try to mix and match my outfit before packing and always choose for those versatile clothes. I also offer products, inspiration and tips on fashion travel and beauty on my website.

    Marj from: Fashion Travel Accessories : Fashion Girl

    • 4 years ago

      Thanks!!! I will definitely have to check out your website for more tips and tricks!

  • Christianne
    4 years ago

    Paris is always a good idea. You made me miss it. I hoping to be back soon. I love your pics and your outfit.

    Happy Monday Holly!


    • 4 years ago

      Oh I know it is just the best place ever!!! Thanks so much Christianne, Happy Monday to you!

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