TTT: Remind

Communication is such an important part of my job.  Communication with my students, admin, other teachers, and of course, the parents of my students.  We, like most classes, have agendas that the students write in daily with short messages that go to a from school daily.  I love this communication tool and will likely never get rid of it.  I know it teaches my students many valuable organizational skills, helps them with their printing, and it holds them accountable.

But, with that being said, there are days the 3 lines in their agendas just aren’t enough, (especially at the beginning of they year when their printing is in the beginning stages of being amazing 😉 ) and on those days I like to use the Remind app.  Remind was built specifically for schools and is used in half of the U.S public schools but if that isn’t convincing enough, here is why I love it:

1.) It is safe and secure! If you want to learn more about their trust and safety practices you can read about them here.
2.) You can schedule reminders ahead of time.
3.) You can see how is reading your messages and who is missing out.
4.) Real-time messaging.  It’s quick and easy just like a text message but you’re not giving out your personal phone number.
5.)You can send pictures… this is probably my favourite feature.  If a note going home is very important, I will send a picture of it just in case it gets lost on the bus or walk home, you never know!

We also have a staff Remind group that allows us to share things that are happening at our school like spirit days, special lunches, meetings, etc! I cannot tell you how many times this has saved my butt. I am organized but very forgetful… I always need a REMIND-er 😉

Ps.  This was not a sponsored post… although I wish it was, haha! I just really do love this app and use it on the daily.