Fun fact: I interned in a high school, teaching Grade 9 Language Arts, Social Studies, Health, and Grade 9-12 Dance… so, you can imagine my first few months of teaching Kindergarten were quite the adventure! One of the MANY things I quickly learned when I began my journey as a primary teacher is the amount of brain breaks they need.  Not only do they LOVE it, it is actually imperative to their learning.  I could go on forever about how important they are, but instead you can read this little article here.

So, what do I do for brain breaks in my classroom ask?! GO NOODLE! It is FREE, the kids LOVE it, and there are so many to choose from!


It’s free to sign up! All you need is an e-mail account! Oh, and this is not only a teacher only thing, parents… this could be a great way to spend a rainy day 😉


Find all the information you need and sign up here!

What do you do in your room to get those bodies moving and brains going!? I would love to hear from you!