What I Wore: Sask Fashion Week (Night 2)

Well I don’t know how tomorrow night is going to top tonight’s show… ahhh I just had such a blast!! Some of my favourite retailers showed tonight and I loved seeing their stuff hit the runway.  Ben, I mean 22Fresh, was awesome as per usual! They are known for not taking the runway event so serious and having a little fun and I just love that about them. And Cade, of course I want/need everything!! So much to talk about but I am sleepy and need to reserve energy for tomorrow, one… more… night!!!

What I Wore:IMG_3561

IMG_3518 IMG_3500 IMG_3523 IMG_3524 IMG_3537

I grabbed this Alice + Olivia romper a few weeks ago from a local boutique here in Regina, Marbella!  I know what you’re thinking… Alice + Olivia is crazy expensive, and it was.  But here is how I justified the insane price tag.

1.) Look at it!!! I mean it is just adorable.  The pattern, the fit, and the cold shoulder… need I say more?! 2.) Versatility!!! This romper is fit for a million and one occasions… a fashion show, a dinner date with girlfriends, vacation wear, a wedding shower, and so on.  I would much rather spend a little more on something I will wear several times than spending little less on something I might only get to wear once. If you agree great, if not… to each their own!
3.) I had a gift card.  I don’t know about you but when I have a gift card I love putting it towards something I wouldn’t normally buy and treating myself… yes, this was a big treat!

Anyways, I decided to pair the romper with these fun shoes I grabbed from Aldo! I loved the yellow… it just screams spring!


Were you at Sask Fashion Week? If so, did you enjoy the show as much as I did?!

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