Happy New Year! Best of 2016

Happy New Year, Friends!!! Holy guacamole!! Another year has come and gone and without sounding like a record on repeat, (I say this every year) but this year has seriously FLOWN by.  It is scary to think how fast time passes, it honestly feels like I just wrote my best of 2015 post.

2016 has had a bad rap.  Sure, there were some not so great moments in the year but it wasn’t ALL bad! In fact, 2016 was pretty dang good to me!

Anyways without further ado here are my best moments of 2016, in no particular order…

I ran a half marathon!! Thanks so the support and encouragement of my sister we crushed 22.5 km together! We spent some time in Vancouver before and after the run and I have fallen even more in love with the city! Check out my vlog:

I started a new series called Teacher Talk Tuesday!  I share and get feedback on all things teaching.  I love connecting with my teacher following, it’s great to share ideas with such a supportive and passionate community.  You can find all my Teacher Talk Tuesday posts here!

I reached 10K followers on Instagram! I still have a long way to go but it felt good to finally have that K behind the number 🙂 It happened while we were in Vancouver; we celebrated by sipping champagne with family and friends on a yacht! p1080326

I watched many of my super close friends, get engaged, married, and become parents!! Seeing my friends group grow makes my heart swell with pride.  I LOVE you all so much and I am so excited for you!kelly jessengagement emeline


dantgoofTravelled – Las Vegas, Portland, Vancouver, Hawaii, Calgary, Edmonton! B is my favourite travel partner. He researches everything and because of that we almost always have the best experiences and food!bandmemaui mauibbabies


vanIMG_8979I met so many amazing people through this blogging journey! For example, one of my closest friends Chia. Had I not started Teach Me Style the chances of us meeting and becoming friends is slim to none. If you haven’t already, you should check out our first episode of Babes Supporting Babes, you see it here!


See, 2016 was actually pretty great! With that being said, I am totally ready for 2017…new goals, experiences, challenges. Bring. It. On.

Happy New Year!