Winter Cozy With Just Knitting

Ummmm okay.  It is freezing.  Like so cold that our students have not been outside for 4 days, ugh.  If this weather doesn’t make a turn for the better soon I don’t know how this teacher is going to get through December! The combination of the excitement around Christmas and the non stop indoor recesses, oh my, it’s not going to be pretty… but like any situation I have found the positive… you ready?!  Cute & cozy knits, duh!!

Lucky for me one of my besties, who also happens to be a teacher, is super talented and has started her very own Etsy store, Just Knitting! She has hooked me up with this adorable and super cozy toque and I just adore it (and her)! It’s double lined, comes in a bunch of colors, and has the cutest pom pom on the top!  Looking for a gift for that special someone?!  Check out her Etsy store here.  If you’re local to YQR use the code REGINABUYER at checkout for free shipping! And, because she loves me, which in turn means she loves you, she is giving anyone who comments Teach Me Style in their order a coupon for 20% off their next purchase, sweet right?!

Also, can we talk about how adorable this mock neck sweater is?! I found it at Marshalls the other day and I adore everything about it, the color, cut, and fit is just the best… I’m sorry to rub it in especially because it’s a one off and you most likely will not be able to find it, but I had many questions regarding it when I posted it to my story on Snapchat!

Ps. Do you follow me on Snapchat yet?! If you’re reading this we’re pretty much besties so you probably should.  ->holly_horvath <-

img_6765   img_6825 img_6835  img_6780 img_6764  img_6758 img_6781 img_6785

Toque c/o Just Knitting || Sweater c/o Marshalls || Boots c/o Marshalls ||Jeans

How are you staying warm this winter?!