Wide Leg Trousers

I have a problem purging things.  Perhaps it’s teacher voice in me always whispering “Keep it! You could use that for math counters, or a Mother’s Day craft, or Valentine’s Day, or a sorting activity!” Let’s be clear, I’m not a hoarder but boarder line am… most teachers out there are, especially primary teachers. Most times this is annoying (ask B) as I have stuff everywhere, but… a few weeks ago I was going through my clothes and found these trousers from 8 years ago!!!! Honestly, I cannot believe I didn’t throw them out but I am SO happy I didn’t because I have seen them popping up here and there over the last little bit.   Like I mentioned these are about 8 years old so they are no longer available but I will be sure to link so similar ones down below!

When wearing a (super) wide leg pant I like to balance the look out with something tight(ish) fitting on top.  I chose this crop sweater that can be seen here and here as well.  Although it is technically a crop top the pants are fairly high wasted so it doesn’t show a lot of skin.  If I was going to wear this outfit to work I would simply add a cream tank top under the sweater to ensure no skin shows when I raise my arms.



trousersSimilar trousers can be found here and here!

Have you re-introduced any old pieces into your daily wardrobe again?!

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