What I Wore: Teacher Edition Pt. 3

I often get e-mails/comments from new and current teachers asking me for style advice for the classroom.  My reply is almost always the same…. try not to shop specifically for “teacher clothes”.  Instead, look for pieces that can be worn in and out of the classroom!  A great example is this crop top sweater.  I love wearing this outside of work with a high waisted skirt or boyfriend jeans.  To create a “work appropriate” outfit, I add a blouse under the crop and style it with a pair of black skinnies or dress pants.  To finish it off I pair it with a great shoe… pack flats if you choose a heel like these 😉

When it comes to accessories I try to buy simple pieces that I reach for daily.  I typically stay away from long necklaces for two reasons: first, they tend to dangle in the students faces when I am leaning over to help them. This proves to be very distracting, especially with the little girls who are obsessed with anything sparkly and pretty.  Second, my long necklaces always seem to slide between the students tables and when I stand up they get caught and break… so disappointing! I have broke soo many necklaces this way so eventually I just stopped wearing them to school.  Some of my favourite pieces to wear to work include this bracelet, this bracelet, and these earrings from Fifth Avenue Collection.

I’m sure you have noticed this bag in previous posts if you’re following along.  It is the perfect day to day bag! It duals as my purse/workbag as it is big enough to fit my laptop but still looks like a handbag.

IMG_5852_batch IMG_5846_batch

If you are going shopping look for the following items as they are great foundational pieces to work off of:

1.) A cardigan… I know, so teacher-ish but they are super cute and work well to cover up skinny straps that aren’t appropriate for the classroom.  Also, they help regulate your body temperature. If your school is anything like mine, it is freezing in one classroom, then boiling in the next! I love this light grey one… I love the length and the colour!

2.) A good pair of black skinny jeans.   I live in mine! They go with everything and if you find the right pair, they can be super comfortable. *Be sure to check your school dress code, some are sticky about wearing black jeans… if that’s the case look for a nice pair of skinny slacks.   You can find some that are similar to mine here and here!

3.) Invest in a good blazer.  This will come in handy when parent conferences role around.  They also make any outfit look a lot dressier.  Some of my favourites can be found here and here! (sale alert!!)

4.) Basic blouses.  These babies will be your go-to’s!  These will also help with making other non-work appropriate clothes, appropriate, as seen in the photos above.  Layering with basic blouses can totally transform an outfit.  They are also great to wear with a fun skirt, pattern/colored pant, or even create that classic look when pairing it with the black slacks… the possibilities are endless! Some of my current favourites can be found here and here!

5.) Find shoes that are comfortable but are also cute!  I am definitely the minority at my school wearing heels almost daily… in fact I wore sneakers to school on a day without kids and our admin assistant couldn’t get over how short I actually was!  Point being, short or not it doesn’t matter. As long as you find a pair that are comfortable and are still cute, they will compliment your outfit perfect! I am tempted to link some of my favourites, but I won’t as I rarely buy shoes online when they are going to be worn in the classroom.  I need to try them on to make sure my feet will last an entire day with the chaos that goes along with being a teacher!

Well, there you have it! I hope that helps… please let me know if you have any other questions or if you have any tips for me! I would love to hear from you 🙂