TTT: An Inspiring Message

Okay, today’s TTT is super late (it’s 11:05pm- hey it’s still Tuesday… ) and it’s not my typical style of TTT, but  I thought I would share a video from my all time favourite Youtuber Casey Neistat.  If you don’t know who he is you are
a.) living under a rock (which is fine, no judgement) or
b.) well you MUST be living under a rock…

Haha, all jokes aside he is a HUGE youtuber.  He has over 6 MILLION subscribers and for good reason. He’s an amazing storyteller. From movies about how to turn your apple watch gold to one of his 490 vlogs he will have you AND your students engaged.  He rarely swears, and most of his video’s have a positive message which got me to thinking! High school teachers, you need to share this video with your students.  Grade 12 to be exact…what an inspiring message to hear at that age. DO WHAT YOU CAN’T

Here is the link:


Happy Teaching!