The Perfect Fall Coat

As the fall season progresses, the days of running outside without a coat are coming to an end.  Although it’s much too soon to pull out those winter parkas, it’s the perfect time to grab your favorite fall coat from the back of the closet.  This coat from BB Dakota is my absolute favorite for fall.  It looks a lot warmer than it really is so the season for it here on the frigid prairies isn’t as long as I would like.  For those who live where the temperatures are more mild, this could be worn throughout the winter as well- lucky!

This particular jacket is from a few seasons ago but each year they come out with the same style, just in a different print- this year the colors are burgundy and I am in love!

IMG_4562_edited IMG_4564_edited IMG_4570_edited  IMG_4563_edited
Tell me about your favorite coat!

Ps. Here are those leggings again… seriously can’t get enough of them!



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