Swinging With The Stars

If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories lately, I’m sure you’re sick of the “another day, another dance studio” posts, haha! But it is true- I have been spending SO much time preparing for Swinging With The Stars- learning to do the swing is A LOT harder than it looks!

Yes- that’s right, it’s a fun spin on the popular t.v show, Dancing With The Stars but it has a cool twist, it’s done with local celebrities (haha- apparently that’s me, so funny!!!) and is a big fundraiser event for Hope’s Home.

What is Hope’s Home? Well, here it is, taken straight from their about us page:

Hope’s Home provides necessary care for children with complex medical needs, their siblings as well as typically developing children from the community. They provide daycare services, early learning and development programming, respite services, supportive living as well as transition care when moving children from the hospital into their community home.

Most childcare centres are not equipped to care for children with these specialized medical needs, and families or caregivers of these children do not have the support they require. Hope’s Home provides these families with a safe and inclusive environment for their children to play and be kids regardless of any medical needs they may have.

The staff at Hope’s Home consists of administrative staff, nurses, early childhood educators and developmental workers.

Check out this beautiful video to learn more about Hope’s Home and the support they provide not only to children but to their families as well.


SO, when Hope’s Home approached me about participating in their fundraising event Swinging With The Stars I didn’t think twice!

I feel truly blessed to have been asked to be a part of this event and here’s how YOU can be involved, too! Although tickets to the event are sold out, you can donate by voting for me!  Here is the link –> click HERE to vote! It would mean to world to me and everyone at Hope’s Home! Thank you SOOOO much in advance for your contribution!

Here is a little teaser of what’s to come… we still have a ways to go, I sure hope we can get it together before the big event!!