SKFW Get Ready With Me

I will admit I have wasn’t that great at sharing my outfits for Sask Fashion Week this year… it was honestly just so crazy around here on Thursday and Friday, it was go-go-go! From school, to Barre, and then straight to fashion week I literally had 30 minutes to get ready, ah- haha!

Anyways, Saturday I had a little more time so I thought it would be fun to film a little get ready with me video!  I often get questions about my make-up and what I typically use when I’m going out or doing a photo shoot so I have showed all the products as I put them on.  The look I went for was very dewy / glowy with a glam lash. Very basic and easy!  This is by no means a tutorial more me just showing the products I use… anyways, enough chit chatting, here it is! I have linked all of the products in the description.

Ps. The robe that I’m wearing in this video is from Smash + Tess... I am in LOVE with it and wear it nearly every day!

Thanks for watching!